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Modern Music Tech Has Come a Long Way in the Last Century

By Jennifer Winget, published on Jan 29, 2018

Now, the society has been continued to expand technologically, so the music industry can continues to expand as well. With the advancement of technology, it not only impacts the type of music artists develop, but also affects how the listeners take music and also learn to play the instruments. Especially, the audio technology has coming a long way as well as continues to evolve in these days. In the present digital era, the improved media formats, audio hardware and on-demand streaming services can find out the music intake. However, the experience of music is now very closely intertwined with... (more)

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Wireless (Wifi) Connection Issues

By Jennifer Winget, published on May 12, 2016

The internet is a common tool that is essential to utilize various services. Normally people get internet services from plenty of ways but only few like a Wifi allows to access high speed internet. The wifi is a better internet service tool so most of people want to access wifi. The home network users can use routers to get wifi signals within a range. The wifi connection is highly great to utilize but it is easily affected by various issues like security problems. The private ip address is a router default ip address so users should well know about using private ip address. The (more)


Default IP Address of Linksys Router

By Jennifer Winget, published on May 9, 2016

This brand of routers has satisfied users worldwide in our time. All these routers have the common IP address This IP address plays the main role in terms of the network router administration.

Keep in mind that this IP address is used by some other brands of routers and various home network gateway equipments in our time. You can make use of this IP address to set up a new router as well as update different settings of an existing router. The following details explain you about how to access and reset the Linksys router.

How to access your Linksys router

You... (more)

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A Guide To Change The Wireless Router Settings

By Jennifer Winget, published on May 4, 2016

Many users do know the existence of certain features unless they dig through the configuration pages of router. People have to keep in mind that the router brands have different options. With wireless router setup, they can change the wireless network name easily and change the wireless security settings. A strong wireless password is very important to protect the wireless network against some unwanted connections from other unknown users. They have to provide this wireless password if they like to connect a particular network that they have set up. Let us see how to change or alter the options... (more)

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How To Access The Router With Default Username & Password

By Jennifer Winget, published on Apr 29, 2016

This fourth version of IP is the first protocol which is widely used by the router manufacturers. Private address range is invented because of the limited availability of addresses in this fourth IP protocol. Router users have to remember that these private address ranges are non-routable. This means they will not run outside the network. Users can change this default internet protocol address on their router to other IP address from private range according to their needs. People can use the private IP address in their local network, but before that they have to ensure that the local network... (more)

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The Difference Between and IP

By Jennifer Winget, published on Apr 29, 2016

In fact, these IP addresses are also used in a variety of places for customizing the services in the highly effective way. As well as there are two kinds of IP addresses that are available in the computer networks and they are known as the private IP address and the public IP address. In fact, the private IP address may reside in the range from to In this article, you will see about these IP addresses in the highly effective manner.

What is 192.168.1 2?

Actually, the is one of the IP addresses that are used in most of the places for networking... (more)

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What Is a Default Gateway on Computer Networks?

By Jennifer Winget, published on Apr 22, 2016

Actually, it can be said it is possible to send every destination packet that is undetermined in the table for routing through the default route. The destination of this route is typically another router. Thus, the router deals with the packet in an identical way: that is to say, if the route corresponds with it, there is a forwarding of the packet, and conversely, it is passed on to the default route or the router. Moreover, the very same process recurs once the packet has attained the designated goal. Thereby, the various devices (tablet, computer or any other machine) which the default route... (more)

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Troubleshooting Home Network Router Problems

By Jennifer Winget, published on Apr 22, 2016

Moreover, earlier with everything functioning on your router has suddenly stopped working. In such cases, one should keep in mind that there are more than one issues involved within the router which has to be looked on.

Wi-Fi security setting

One of the most common issues of the router might be incompatibility between two Wi-Fi devices and this shall prevent you from establishing an appropriate network connection. So make sure to check on the following things;

1.Network mode: it is important that your router is enabled to support different versions of Wi-Fi that is used... (more)

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Setting Up A Secure Wireless Network

By Jennifer Winget, published on Apr 18, 2016

In order to keep connected it is important to have a secure network connection. Before you built up a network connection it is important to ensure that they are secure and cannot be accessed by anyone or anytime.

Default IP address is the default IP address which can be used by almost all the routers to develop a successful internet or network connections. These addresses are usually the same for all the routers, which provides users with easy connectivity. This IP can be used for establishing a private connection, however in order to ensure that it remains secured... (more)


How To Make The Most Of Wireless Router?

By Jennifer Winget, published on Apr 5, 2016

If you would like to access your email, you should have internet connection. In order to carry out extensive research, you should visit number of web pages. The Wi-Fi connection is required to play games on your laptop, tablet and smartphone. By using a wireless router, you will be able to configure it as per your needs. New devices can be attached and detached as per your convenience. You will also be able to enhance security measures so that you will be able to make the most of your investment.

Great flexibility with Wi-Fi

You should have access to an internet service provider. Wireless... (more)

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