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Love at First Sting

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 12, 2012

Interview from a drug users perspective: I woke this morning from the cloud of cocaine I used for the last 20 years. It was a one use miracle that killed my pain then after once it fixed me. I did again, looking all the time for the perfect source. Something perfect like a miracle to end my pain. It was a pain, life had become unbearable to live with. My love of my life had fought with me, it didn't matter what I did it was the fight of your life. Night and day, you get the drift.

Then when I thought, the years were rolling by no one had woken me up. My ego too large, yet my... (more)

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Mothers Day, Fathers Night

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 12, 2012

Mothers Day, Fathers Night.

Married for 30 odd years has given me some insight into this pyshology. The weekend of the Mothers Day drawing near, the hubby fussing for now the children to look after my needs yet it is the love affair of a night that seems to be the payoff.

For Who I ask?

Mothers Day, lunch I'm cooking feeding the tribe and really a leisurely beach walk would do more to stimulate that romance after the years of hard work. For some of you may be a lunch out at a restaurant. Enjoy!

For many of these Mothers celebrating it is a life where they never... (more)

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Drugs Diamonds and Lifestyle

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 11, 2012

Lifestyle of a man and wife with a couple of children in the suburbs is a normal existence for 99% or even more of the people within our definition of happy life, happy wife. For many it is the fast cars, the lavish spending, restaurants everynight and properties with cash seeping out the walls is the world of the Underworld, the drug runners however it is the elite drug barons that send the 1% of society to a hell.

Where the cocaine is pushed on the underage, the chilling people that shoot up or break into a house to have this evil habit feed. The dollars that are needed for a drug... (more)

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Drugs is it a crime? Or is nicotine worse!

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 10, 2012

Why make drugs illegal, when we have our medical system fighting the cause that drugs can do our nation. Crime becomes through the need for drugs is so great when the drug user becomes so compelled to utilise this source of evil or is the next cigarette that is smoked is worse.

Most drug users I have met have had problems in there lives first to become a user, than the feeling of being alive is so hard to break.

The laughter has gone out of the life yet it is a positive move we can put back into the life of drug addicts. The laughter can be the medicine that pushes a person... (more)

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Kings Cross Is it fixable?

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 9, 2012

Television, the glorifying of criminal behaviour needs to end. We don't need to glorify positions that other suburbs don't have. Yes I mean the King of the Cross, The Boss of the Cross.

Forget this celebrating the criminal element and actions. Police shooting in the streets at out of control teenagers yet the drugs flow like the dust on the footpath.

White ice castles is allegedly the house of the King? Well the ice flows each night, this illegal drug of necessity of evil. We can not state by law substance as illegal and then have a suburb where the shootings happen through... (more)

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Red light District WAKEUP AUSTRALIA?

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 8, 2012

If drugs are illegal why is there so many people affected by drugs within Kings Cross. I am sure more money each night is spent on drugs than alcohol and sex put together.

They say some of the brothel clubs can have a $15k night what is sold for that. We can't have drugs illegal and be flooded by drug addicted people within Kings Cross. Who does the money go too? Some Outlaw group? Drug Baron?

We allow these outlaw groups to gain the funds to fight government by selling drugs. We just need a couple of good undercover cops to clean the act up.

If you can walk down... (more)

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Drugs must be legal, otherwise our goals should be full.

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 7, 2012

Just I'll take you on a day in my life, where the G runs ramped in the old coke bottles just a symbol of the cocaine that was once in the mixture. I knew nothing about drugs except for what was on the television told me, moving into Kings Cross was like moving into a world where drugs were the normal part of society as it seems.

Walk down Darlinghurst Road any night of the week you will see the people tripping, from the over abuse and use of a cocktail of drugs. The alcohol seems to be a thing of the past, yet for me a bottle of wine sends me flying. Many of the sex workers that stand... (more)

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18th Battalion started Prohibition from Liverpool Sydney

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 7, 2012

History, does it repeat? In some way or another does the history of the past recreate itself in a way that reflects a person, a point in time comes again. The soldiers that gathered from Liverpool having a drink at each pub they passed in a three day drinking binge brought the city to a halt and a bloody battle exploded on the streets of Kings Cross.

Kings Cross has lived through a lot of this unnecessary pushing of the boundaries. On the weekend, the motor bikies joined forces was it repeating the history, driving from Liverpool to the city hub of Kings Cross. No drama, no blood... (more)

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The Girl that knew too much about the Underworld

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 5, 2012

For 40 years this disappearance of Juanita Nielsen an Heiress to Mark Foy's Department store, Francis Foy cared to try to find her living as a ghost. Guiding everyone that could help to find her. The missing Heiress destroyed not just her life, for many the lives that surrounded her.

Drugs, the black money, the gambling, illegal casinos were the subject of the case that Juanita Nielsen was working on. This digging into the evil money that built many of the developments in Sydney. Still today this empire built on drugs is still in existence. What can we do?

If the police cant... (more)

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Extortion Money, Legal!

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 4, 2012

What is extortion? The underworld dog hounds, the dirt of society that believe the world owes them a living have made there own system that exists. Hard to break when the government allows extortion to be a legal business expense. Yet the police dont see the extortion when it is in front of them. They believe the drunken, drug ridden types that do the extorting for a few wealthy people that are many people away. Allowing the extortion to be at arm's reach.

Fighting the war on drugs, should be we are focused on what is happening. We look at where the drugs have been in the history... (more)

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