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Drug users....YOU know you can achieve something?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 3, 2012

Many people will thing you can never achieve when you have a drug problem. How about a drug problem where most people gave up?

That's right, he learnt the secret of how to turn your life around from the diversity of life to the brillant career he created.

Standing back in the shadows, this man not only set out with a change of attitude, he had a goal. Many of the drug addicts today don't understand that a goal, is a future. They have been told so much negativity that they can't see ever achieving anything.

Most of the severe drug addicts all have a similar problem... (more)

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$30 million of cocaine comes into Australia

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 2, 2012

We have taken a drug that was once legal and moved it to an illegal drug all around the world better for society. We have filled our hospitals with drug addicts screaming for help.

Many of these are single mothers being pushed into the prostitution game just to deal drugs. The drug has them hooked. It wasn't hard, one party that lasted three days as one of the drug dealers told me. This is how they do it. Taking someone a clean escort to a party just to get hooked on the drug of love as they say.

How many children are being brought up by grandparents through the addiction... (more)

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Drug user, how he beat the habit....

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 2, 2012

Having been living with the drug addicts you do see how they see life. Fun, well they think lying on a bed zonked out full of drugs is good. Well I don't call that fun, when you see them in the foetal position. For many drug users they spend their last money all on drugs.

How they con people out of money, walking up to them promising them to bring back drugs to just fix themselves up with the drugs... Then they never go back, free drugs they look at well they have just stolen money, bought an illegal drug and hiding whilst they take the drugs. Is this life.... A drug user thinks... (more)

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STOP SMOKING DAY ONE! Reprogram your subconscious mind

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 1, 2012

TAKe CoNTRoL Break Free from the Cigarettes.


Life is worth living, you can give up the cigarettes. You can utilise many of these techniques for other habits to help give them up in a natural and health alternative.

By Jennifer Stone

Thank you for deciding to give up the cigarettes. It is your health that is the true winner here.

Your body will be so pleased, in a couple of weeks you will be so proud. Many of you will think its hard, yet day by day it becomes possible.


Today, is the start of your new... (more)

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Can your subconscious mind help you heal cancer

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 31, 2012

Many people think we utilise all our brain, we only utilise 10% the other 90% we have to unlock. We have to be able to get into this part of our mind to heal ourselves. We are opening up a great vault that can move you from one area of drama in your life to a solution.

My name is Jennifer Stone, I open up the areas of the mind. I can show you too through some of my techniques.

Cancer is not a death sentence, if you think it is...It actually becomes the death sentence. It is just a cell gone wrong in the body to begin with.

Like we get colds when things go wrong with... (more)

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Behind the scenes, going undercover.

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 31, 2012

Background about

In the Cross Fire

The uncovering of significant evidence, is the most significant part of this series of books The Kings Cross Sting. How we found the evidence, how the evidence fell into the story, well you have to start right at the beginning.

A few people, may think they recognize themselves however the story is in the author’s mind they say. I have dreamt, visualized, the information. Maybe even manifested to come to the surface. With mediation on the various images have been worked on searching for the answers.

Many of these images have not... (more)

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Dreaming? Goal setting? Or manifesting?

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 30, 2012

Dreams, people anyalsis them all the time. You can buy books, have your dreams heard by a person with a gypsy look having an answer to your own problems.

Yes, we go to tarot card readers. We put our faith into the palm readers do we ever hold much attention into whether it is true. Whether it is our imagination or whether it will ever happen. Could we put it as a goal and strive for it. Or does our subconscious mind take these readings or half beliefs and turn them into our future.

Many of you will think it is all hogwash, we can't steer our subconscious minds. However with... (more)

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Interviewing a Drug Dealer

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 29, 2012

Many Drug dealers were out last night, I hit the streets to see who was about. Where were they dealing from.

Taking a drug user, it wasn't hard to ask for some stuff to see where it was being served tonight. It was raining heavy however the drugs were still in demand. We asked about in some of the fast food outlets, for some ice. Needing to score. The drug user his name Bill is just like you or me however he was shattered with his problems in his early 20's and lives now in the moment.

I have been working with drug users, however to get to the drug dealer was some art in... (more)

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Love the Man, NOT his potential

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 28, 2012


Don’t think girls you can actually change a man without a lot of hard work from yourself.

Good Evening, my name is Jennifer Stone Author of the TAKe CoNTRoL series of books.

I am here to spend some time about Men and the potential us girls see, if you are in a all female or all male relationship you may see this within your own relationship it is just not a hetro thing.

Have you ever gone out with a guy and thought wow……………………………………

I am sure many of you will have had that happen to you over time.

Have you thought, when... (more)

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QuitTough 30 Second Decision Stop Smoking

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 28, 2012

Quitting Is the Start

If you are telling yourself, enough is enough these cigarettes are killing me. I don't want to be handcuffed to a packet of cigarettes for life.

I WANT life, I want to be healthy, I don't want to be under the control of nicotine.

We dont say this too scare people or the like. We simply say this because it's a fact, that it's only a matter of time before you WILL get sick and WILL loose your health as a consequence of smoking.If quitting scares you, it must send shivers down your spine. THINK ABOUT THIS, it WILL cost you thousands of dollars, but you... (more)

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