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Can you keep a Secret? A sales tip!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 21, 2012

Can you keep a secret?

It's important not many people know this. Well if they did, they would be making heaps of sales.

So why do some and not others?

It could be language you have 3 seconds to impress someone....

The phrase "Hello, How are you today" All of a sudden you are asking a person you don't really know how they are. You have broken down the barriers. You have given them an endorphine boost where they feel good about themselves.

When someone feels good, they will actually take the time to listen, they have had a complement. As much as I don't... (more)

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Patience, Silence, have you heard it all before.

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 20, 2012

Patience, I would say I have heaps however it all gets too much and I loose my cool like everyone else. We tear into things. I find that I seem to race ahead. A few deep breathes. I had lost control for an instance. I felt like that I was racing about without going forward.

Yet when you feel like that a door or a window opens that pushes you to the next way along the road to your goal. I call it the end vision of what I have been seeing for many years. Yes goals can be in your sight not just for a week, month it could be years and patience does come to the end when your wish manifests... (more)

Tags: silence, jennifer stone, undercover, hidden secrets, magnificent, patience, awaiting the door to open

Get serious about the drug epidemic!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 19, 2012

Today, I was sent out on a report. A drug sighting. The police were given the information however the person was giving over the details so it was on the drug hunt we went.

I was meeting someone at the carpark, at the start of the drug run. It wasn't until we had travelled a couple of blocks around in cycles. So that they hadn't seen us that I noticed that the information was correct. I had hit the jackpot. Yet it had just been an hour and traffic was busy.

Switch the phone on and away they went. When you think this is happening all over the world it is frightening. That... (more)

Tags: police, drugs, epidemic, jennifer stone, drug runs, legalise or be serious, millions around the world

Harness your subconscious mind? You can do it!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 18, 2012

Have you ever thought the powerful person you already are could be more powerful when you harness the use of the 90% of your mind that you do not utilise.

You can learn to open your mind through becoming aware, first when you think we eat a orange yet when you break it down from the picking of the fruit, to the texture of the skin and then the peeling or the cutting of the orange. The juice pouring over the plate as your knife cut through the skin. These all everyday chores, yet for some of us well most of us only take in 7% of the information that is sent to our mind.

I am... (more)

Tags: listen, jennifer stone, subconscious mind, harness the subconscious mind, break down, notice more, fruit, orange

Mindfulness techniques with Manifesting WORKS

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 17, 2012

With the techniques Mindfulness and Manifesting we are tuning our body. You are putting your body first maybe for the first time in a long time. I found for myself Mindfulness was putting a positive spin on my life. I was extremely sick at the time, I would lay in bed and think of yellow. I would wash my body pushing all the toxins out of my body every time I shut my eyes. I was having medicine however the sickness was winning. I had to put my positive mind into helping the medicine worked.

I didn't know it was a mindfulness technique at the time. I looked at all the colours within... (more)

Tags: mediation, mindfulness, manifesting, it works, within your mind's eye, yellow

Gangsters, drug barons, they murder people for what?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 14, 2012

Is it the human mind? Our intrigue how we got away with it? Remember I have been putting a puzzle together about the murders, disappearances and how the thugs are centred in Kings Cross. The capital for old age, as they come back around, well maybe retired, yet they like the pretty working girls. Kings Cross has been their playground from when they were young.

For some of you following the story, an Heiress went missing in 1975. There were murders all over the place however the links were to this one main bank account company. When anyone knew too much about how Kings Cross worked... (more)

Tags: kings cross, in the cross fire, murder unsolved, where are the bones, 1975 the heiress, 1977 two murders unsolved

Brainstorming, breaks down the barriers

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 13, 2012

When you have a team working under a business umbrella it doesn't matter who puts the ideas forward for the business it is normally a good idea to listen. How many staff meetings do you ask that the staff bring an idea to the meeting. Even encourage ideas. Well in most of the companies I have worked at this hasn't happened. Yet I still would have ideas and willing to show them that they were great ideas.

I would sit sometimes making sketches, or just watching, even doing time and motion study in a way to work out if the idea I had would work. For most companies it is like hitting... (more)

Tags: ego, brainstorming, self confidence, building self esteem, inner pride, asking questions

Wake the Dead, or we need to catch the killer.

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 12, 2012

Sometimes history will repeat, or show us links from the past to know. It will be a time, a place, who was there any connection. Sometimes these criminal events intertwine. Within many criminal activities there is more than one person. For murders that go unanswered of course there is always a question that was left unanswered.

Many people will wonder about crime thrillers why write them. Well to uncover something about a person that has passed and never hand the information on to the police would be selfish. You don't start to uncover a murder, for me it just happened. We were... (more)

Tags: murder, missing persons, kings cross sting, in the cross fire, the heiress, clues, how the puzzle fits together

Ego does it make a business or destroy

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 12, 2012

Business is something we all strive for, well some just talk, others think however to act. This Act is the most important part where people can move their lives. I have been sitting back observing people for many years. I would think it was strange when you work with someone have an idea put it forward and the person did nothing with it.

Have you been in the work environment where the idea just sat there and you knew it was great. How to move and push the boundaries what was the reason that this great idea just sat on the coffee table or the rubbish bin.

Well, when I started... (more)

Tags: business ideas, ego, putting business first, ideas not looked at, what next

Drug dealers controlling of girlfriends

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 10, 2012

Many guys go to brothels or strip clubs and within a continued visit over a few times are taking the working girl or stripper out.

You show off on facebook who you have been seeing a hot chick. See cool, all the guys think your the one. Why wouldn't they you have the hotest chick around. You can go out, they make good money then pick them up on the way home. Many prostitutes and strippers have different ways for sex or relationships with their partners. For many of you it will they will only kiss you.

Some will have little actions or language that is only for your ears only.... (more)

Tags: drug dealer owns my girlfriend, going out with a prostitute, dating a stripper, dating a drug user

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