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Chunks 7% of our vision we really see?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 13, 2012

We only see 7% of every 2 million parts per second that we actually "do see" -- we see a tree not just the leaves, stem or truck and then the branches.

Problems in life can be solved by breaking them down. Taking the chunks and moving through the tree or problem to see the leaves, the branches or even the twigs.

Many people have put books together about problem solving and our subconsious mind.

My theory: Automapping within everyone is created by what we need in our life the most. If our needs are so great our subconscious mind will map our direction in life to help... (more)

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The Kings Cross Sting

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 12, 2012

A marvelous story Blake, regarding a life of a drug user. Going into never before a life story has encompassed with so much passion how the drugs and then how to give them up has taken it’s toll on a life.

When you walk the streets in Kings Cross which I did last night, you see the drug addicts and wonder what their life is like. I have been enlightened to know how hard it is to give up these drugs.

Governments of the day have been working out whether to legalise the substances, yet the hospital’s will still have the problems. Our health system will like never before be in... (more)


Reporting Crime is not a crime

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 10, 2012

How to uncover corruption?

Many people will see or be affected by corruption at some level at some time. How to uncover it is a daunting question and to expose the evidence.

Where to start?

You may see something that is not correct or within the law. You watch, you document and you notify the authorities.

What I have found by having it in the written form and now with the electronic computer age you can email people from the police, to council, to members of parliament, then State and Federal, you can then email many of the organisations that watch out for corruption.

... (more)

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Do you need an icebreaker?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 7, 2012

The Striptease.

The Kings Cross Sting Interviewed like never before

Are you out and about, visiting with friends then all of the sudden your party has become excited by people stripping off.

Many people believe sex is an art form. Wouldn’t you like that in our galleries and museums’ it is a reminder of how wonderful and in the moment Kings Cross really is. Well this is my kind of thinking.

So grab a drink, sit down for a while and join in with The Kings Cross Sting and Madame X on my sort of entertainment. The party just got a whole new lease of life after the... (more)

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Celebration of life?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 4, 2012

A famous Australian Journalist, cut down in the prime of her life. Her newspaper was getting the word out about town about the police corruption and the hidden agenda's. Juanita Nielsen wrote what she saw, brave yet this was the way Journalists took a look at life. For some now, they print what they are told to print. They write stories about Hollywood or the Musicians, they love scandal yet the truth was always a better read. Don't you think?

Juanita Nielsen was working not so much for the money, for the stories. Chasing the crime doing the undercover cop stuff when the police... (more)

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Drug Detective? Well I see more than the police

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 2, 2012

I hit the streets today to find clues on the drug network. How it works, where to help and how to stop it at it's roots.

It had been a brisk day here in Sydney, out I went. The radio song I noted was she's all dressed up and knocking on your door. That was describing me, I was going out to knock on the doors where maybe the police hadn't been.

Well if they didn't know about it they don't look. They seem to be behind, the front line.

Out and about just walking around I was talking to the people on the ground. They would notice my scorpion. I was getting to be known... (more)

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Spanish Dancer and the Cancer Fog

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 1, 2012

Firstly to take the time to discover your own mind, you may think this is slightly silly. Some of your partners may think it doesn’t work. It is amazing what people have found our own minds can achieve when we actually try.

So if you think it is silly, let’s smell a rose. Do you think this is nice? Have you done this even before? Some of you may have never smelt a flower since you were young. Look at the plant, then the thorns, even the leaves with the ragged edge then the petals of the rose. Soft sometimes perfect, then the feel, the look and then the smell. How it falls apart... (more)


How to kick start our subconscious mind?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 27, 2012

Helicopter View.

For the past years, you have been travelling along life’s journey without really knowing for some of you how to achieve more out of life. A fun way to move forward and to change habits to achieve more within your own life is to take the Helicopter ride.

Sit down in a comfortable seat, for some of you it will be a bit of research needed to see a helicopter console, or a ride like at Disneyland where you go in a helicopter and fly over the fields flying high to get over the mountains and seeing the snow on the peaks. Then zooming down into the plains, running... (more)

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Talin's Wish.....a little sick boy in Australia.

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 24, 2012

We can only imagine the pain that the family is having seeing a sick boy infront of them. Then they have put together a terrific and amazing way to raise funds for cancer awareness and for the families that are affected. The images you will see paintings that Talin has made for his audience within Australia. However it is great to have the audience grow with world wide attention.

A little boy before his 6th birthday was diagnosed with a brain tumour, it is in God's hands now. He paints, Talin seems to paint the most amazing pictures with a love for helping others. These paintings... (more)

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SEX have I your attention, haven't you noticed? Why?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 22, 2012

SEX, is probably one of the words that many people use in marketing. I sometimes use the word however do sometimes wonder why when we read the word sex, our mind goes into hypo. It starts moving at a much more higher vibration because it gives you an endorphine rush.

That's the hidden reason, why some writer's use the word, and it is also the reason why when you go to an X rated movie it actually does the same. Just the thought with the X involved moves your mind to vibrating at a higher level. The higher the vibrations the more you feel good about yourself, don't you!

When... (more)

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