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Key to unlocking the secrets of the subconscious mind

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 28, 2012

Do you ever get out of bed in the morning, your pain in the back hasn't gone yet asit isstill bothering you the problems from the past? Most people don't even think about our bodies' pains as signs from our subconscious mind.

It could be a problem manifesting into another problem. A larger problem well, I will show you that this pain in some way or form is actually your build up of toxicans that our subconscious mind throws on our body when we are not working through our normal mind's cycle.

For many people the sign, could be crying to fix a problem however the dam could open... (more)

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A good Detective Inspector, Fred Krabe, what is the truth?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 22, 2012

Investigating The Kings Cross Sting.

Someone I would like to shed some light on, I believe was an honest cop allegedly framed. Mr Krabe was a Detective at Kings Cross, he is known for him turning over the stones, not just some it was very stone to uncover the truth.

Well, over time, in the 1970's he smelt a rat, you could just tell in Kings Cross the association of some had become too pally as he would think. Up at the station he would see things that would make an honest cop like him hair's curl. How could he expose it, if he had no significant evidence. It was the significant... (more)

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Meteor Showers, Blue Moon and spirits setting free?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 17, 2012

Over the last couple of months I have been reporting the news and facts and how they have come about and been discovered. These facts have been manipulated and weaved through a series of books called The Kings Cross Sting.

It started a night on the 13 February 2009 full moon, within the years the moon and the crazynest that happens has really been noticable by us all. We have followed the Retro of Mercury and the opening of the Gemini Star. We have seen were Virgo was important and then was removed all to allow the centre of the universe to be acted upon where Venus, the moon Aries... (more)

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Are we going to get serious about stopping drug dealers?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 15, 2012

Just a chapter, yet in reality it could be the setting?

Drug Network Exposed?

Believe it or not?

Royal Commission what it missed in 1994, why we need another one?

Why do the drugs still run more than ever? Shootings all over Sydney?

Tattoo Shops and Brothels need to have the outlaw gangs banned from ownerships, and associates thereof. The Royal Commission in 1994 was about the police. Yet it should’ve been what about the criminals and how the vice was being carried out without getting picked up.

The main factors if the system of drugs is still... (more)

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What the police allegedly miss? In the Cross Fire

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 14, 2012

Email to the Prime Minister of Australia, 11 August 2012

For some of you from around the world Australia and USA have many clubs in Kings Cross and USA the same for Australia the pinnacle was The Pink PussyCat Club in Darlinghurst Road.

Our own legal system is only as good as our system and policing. In the Royal Commission 1994 Justice Woods wasn't given the full evidence and allegedly this full evidence allowed the hidden problem to exist, and murders allegedly to go unsolved.

Many of our legal laws allow the police don't or wont investigate this part of the law within... (more)

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Profiling People an important part of any business

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 14, 2012

When you have staff, you need to see that the profile of your introduced person to the working environment is important for the work within the business to be effective.

It's true, many businesses will hire staff just on credientals yet it's just not the credientals. When people move jobs it is a stressful period within their lives. It's just the most important part of the business that the business moves forward at each stage.

Some people will have some gifts, other people will be great at research, others will be the friendly warm face that is very important for a business.

... (more)

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YOU be the JUDGE?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 11, 2012

Within Australia we have the notorious Kings Cross. I have been looking at different court cases, Royal Commissions even the drugs within Sydney and further to the world.

I pickup Phuong Ngo a Cabramatta Councillor, well read the report on Amazon, two mistakes allegedly? Well the police gave the evidence to the Crown, and the Crown produced this material without researching whether correct, now an INNOCENT man maybe in prison and has been in Prison for the last ten years. Feel bad, well I did! When I told people,they were shocked how it happened. Allegedly the information is fed... (more)

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The Kings Cross Sting....NEEDS YOUR HELP!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 8, 2012

Having an interview today with a person who lived the life Underbelly, on the ground when he could remember the shake up in Kings Cross. The interview was just an opening line I was asked. So what do you know about Kings Cross and murders.

Not my murder I said with a snap. Well, I wasn't looking to find bodies or to have people describe ghosts to me. It was one piece of the puzzle after another. One piece that linked to another, then it was the timeline sorting through the history what was relevant and what was not. What seemed to fit the relevance of the situation and many of... (more)


Have you got money in your roof? Well I don't!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 6, 2012

GDP.....How the economy of all countries is affected by the black market.

Within Australia we have allegedly a $12 billion a year black market which affects our economy and trading with other countries.

Much of the drug users and drug dealers allegedly are being supported for a habit on the unemployment and sickness benefits. Some allegedly single mothers working within the sex industry allegedly will be dealing drugs and making money.

Does it sound right? VICE, Take Your Vice Over is the new slogan we will hear, yet it has been around for a while where illegal activity... (more)

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Nigeria Scam

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 4, 2012

Nigeria Scams have happened for years, yes. However most of us haven't associated with people that have stalked that person, know that person in the other country.

Organised criminal gangs work from country to country jointly on the same venture for the drug market which inturn changes to MONEY!

Nigeria Scam in the experience I have had, looks like it is an alleged United Nations funding. Which is very wrong from such a criminal gang.

They utilised a state in the USA where the gang is not recognized in that state of the USA as a gang however it is the same gang allegedly... (more)

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