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How Does Coffee Lower Risk to Erectile Dysfunction?

By Jennifer Miller, published on Feb 4, 2016

Coffee is much more than just a natural stimulant for brain. The study by University of Texas Health Science Center (Houston), has found that men consuming greater caffeine every day have a lower possibilities of erectile dysfunction (ED). Coffee may work similar to the male impotence treating medication Kamagra pills, wherein the penile corpus cavernosum muscles relax and smooth out to facilitate blood circulation at the extremities to cause erection. However, the exceptions are diabetic men, for whom additional caffeine dose did not lower the odds to ED, as quoted by the researchers.

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How to Treat Impotence Linked with Depression?

By Jennifer Miller, published on Dec 30, 2015

If your emotional health is affected by depression, the risk to erectile dysfunction (ED) is high. Often, those with mental disorders have a stressed sexual life, which shows on their erectile capacity. About a large percent of men with ED rely on medication cure, and may also be diagnosed with mood disorders. Some antidepressants can alter sex drive, while Kamagra Soft Tabs potentially treats male impotence. Thus, while there are down points of approaching ED in depression, it is possible to cure both mental and sexual disorder completely.

There is a strong link between impotence and... (more)

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Does Acupuncture have the Potential to Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

By Jennifer Miller, published on Oct 15, 2015

The erectile procedure involves a complex action or hormones, psyche, nerves, arteries, blood circulation, physical ability etc. Men suffering from artery disease or neural disorders leading to erectile dysfunction (ED) may not be able to enjoy their sexual life. But, treatment with Generic viagra and probably acupuncture can help males regain their vigor and perform well during intercourse. The medicine and ‘needle insertion treatment technique’ widen arteries that supply blood to penile organ.

How Does Acupuncture Treat Male Impotence?

These medicines and needling method also... (more)

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How is Anxiety Responsible for Male Impotence?

By Jennifer Miller, published on Oct 8, 2015

Stress and panic about sexual performance often triggers erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. Therapists always advice men to relax down and go about the flow of intimacy naturally, which curbs unnecessary anxiety. However, the anxiousness could be clinical in nature, and require professional help. Many men have benefited from Silagra tablets, potent medications for treating impotence in males. But, these medicines focus on increasing blood flow to reproductive system than treating the psychogenic causes of ED.

If penile arteries are clogged, affecting erection, then such pill is effective... (more)

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Cardiovascular Disorders May Be a Prognosis for Erectile Dysfunction

By Jennifer Miller, published on Sep 24, 2015

Cardiac health may deteriorate, if a person is affected by blood disorders, artery deterioration, obesity, diabetes etc. High level of blood lipids, cholesterol and bad carbohydrates may induce heart stroke and breathing problems. However, cardiac issues may even indicate erectile dysfunction (ED). This condition entails a man’s incapability of attaining penile hard on during lovemaking. PDE5 inhibiting pill, Silagra 100mg, vacuum devises, penile implants, testosterone therapy etc. may be used for treating male impotence. But, a combined treatment plan is required to eliminate cardiovascular... (more)

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Pelvic Fracture May Impose Erectile Dysfunction

By Jennifer Miller, published on Sep 16, 2015

After pelvic facture in males, the affected individual can be at a risk of sexual dysfunction, including a negative impact on erectile ability. As the genitals and reproductive organs of men are based near pelvis, they may have been injured or affected because of the injury. Several treatment methods have been tried like oral PDE5 inhibitors like Tadalis Sx tablets, intra-cavernosum injections, surgeries, implants and physical therapies. The response to the treatment is linked to severity of the fracture.

If the victim’s penile sacral nerves and vascular function is not much affected,... (more)

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Erectile Dysfunction and its Natural Ayurvedic Therapies

By Jennifer Miller, published on Sep 9, 2015

The cause of male impotency can result from sexual infections, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, pelvis injury, hypertension, prostate cancer, psychological issues, tight foreskin, adrenal gland failure, abusing alcohol, drugs, smoking etc. Allopathic cures like Silagra 100mg tablets are available in oral medications that inhibit PDE5 enzymes and deal with erectile dysfunction (ED). However, some men may prefer a natural way to put off impotence. They can seek Ayurvedic therapies and medicines for treating sexual dysfunction.

Due to lack of hard on the person is not able to make successful... (more)

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Erectile Dysfunction can be cured with Herbal Remedies

By Jennifer Miller, published on Sep 5, 2015

There are standard treatments for male impotence (inability of getting or keeping erection) with implants, vacuum pumps, surgery, and medicines like Kamagra Soft Tabs that inhibit PDE5 enzymes. However, there are few natural remedies that can better sexual function in men. Erectile dysfunction (ED) may be outcomes of diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, depression, fatigue, side effect to particular medicines etc.

If testosterone level drops, the man can experience low libido, weight gain and hair loss, all contributing to ill health and ED. A research... (more)

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