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Six most profitable small businesses to pursue in Middle East

By Jenessa, published on Jun 13, 2016

The unmatched potential to earn well draws various expats and refined personnel who with their extensive knowledge further groom the business industry.

No doubt, license and registration for small and medium sized industries is complex and ask for sufficient capital for start-up, let it not hold you back from trying. The real question is; how you can turn a good business idea to a productive and long-term sustainable business. Before you step into the business world, it’s better to grasp which ones are in more demand these days keeping Dubai as a primary target. Check out a few examples... (more)


How recruiting the right staff impacts an organisation?

By Jenessa, published on May 23, 2016

Employee engagement, retention, job performance and low turnover are some of the primary benefits that directly impacts on the company’s productivity. The high cost of staffing, training, firing and replacing employees emphasizes the need on taking a viable decision right from the start.

In order to ensure a probable employee is the right fit and motivated towards the job, a company should check previous work history and conduct research of academic credentials. The job don’t end on selection but appropriate evaluation tools and keeping them updated for future recruitment is... (more)


The dawn of technology & its impact on business

By Jenessa, published on May 9, 2016

Business technology witnessed rapid changes in the last few years, ever since smartphones, cloud applications and tablets became a mainstream and a crucial means of managing daily work operations.

Those ironic scoffs about such technologies only being mere science fiction are now a part of our lives. As new IT solutions emerge and incorporated every day, there’s no stopping business tech. There still exists such business entities that disregard technology and rely on the old-school methods however; it’s always worth keeping an eye out for!


Mobility is everywhere... (more)

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Five success tips to establish a business abroad

By Jenessa, published on Apr 25, 2016

In addition to daily trading activities, stakeholders have to fulfill added responsibilities for international success. Deep understanding of target market and trends is a must have to enjoy business success in the end.

You may be thinking to expand your setup across the borders either to avail the financial benefits due to currency difference or you simply want to grow the existing customer range, the first step is to start thinking with a global approach. Whether you are planning to implement a strategy or you are in the process of introducing additional services or a product with... (more)

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Modern technology to preserve flowers

By Jenessa, published on Mar 29, 2016

Decaying bones of a pre-historic man were unearthed in the Middle East along with delicate flowers preserved miraculously as a tribute to the dead. Evidence of this “specific flowers” is identified by the presence of pollen grains. Another example is of brightly coloured flowers discovered in the Egyptian tombs that are supposed to be more than 4,000 years old.

Besides the preservation, the concept of flower as a communication means begin to emerge with time such as receiving a bouquet carrying a special message. Let’s dig in to the technology to keep flowers preserved and these methods... (more)

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Five questions to ask with HR consultancy firms

By Jenessa, published on Mar 9, 2016

Whether, you are seeking staff to execute technical job roles or you are seeking for qualified administration and recruitment staff to execute management and employment operations in your firm, you can either opt to appoint a full time resource to oversee the relevant issues, or you can also outsource the function to a third party professional serving as a consultant. Although, there are plenty of professionals claiming to provide quality consultancy services for business owners, you can’t randomly pick anyone of them without doing background checks to identify the service quality and reliability.... (more)

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