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Four different styles of negotiation skills

By Jenessa, published on Jul 18, 2016

Richard Shell identified five approaches to negotiation. He classified them as avoiding, accommodating, competing, collaborating and compromising. Each style chosen depends on several factors including the outcome you’d like achieving along with the party holding the negotiations

Negotiation is an art, mostly innate but can be learned. Simple yet effective techniques may turn negotiation far easier than anticipated and more creative. It’s important to understand all about what you’re negotiating for as well as opponent’s position but also ensuring that you get the best thing in the end.... (more)


Classification of soft & hard skills

By Jenessa, published on Jul 12, 2016

On the contrary, most employees are fired due to the absence of people skills such as professional behaviour at the workplace and effective communication; also known as soft skills. Both, hard and soft skills are essential in a professional milieu as a combination of both creates an effective, efficient, successful and creative workforce which in turn results in a growing organisation.

Understanding hard & soft skills

Hard skills are those required to perform a job including learned skills geared to train an individual for a professional career. These are mostly tangible skills,... (more)


Impact of modern technology on business operations

By Jenessa, published on Jul 11, 2016

Gone are the days of the usual pen and paper as cutting-edge technology increases functionality and make life easier for both; the company and its employees. Today, it’s a matter of survival as IT has pervaded into almost every aspect especially the corporate sector without which you won’t stand equal to the competitors.

The other benefit is flexibility and ease in decision making which improves productivity. Collaboration has become far easier be it with the internal or external environment which is why execution of joint business has grown. Communication technology keeps employees... (more)


Bring some twist in your dieting

By Jenessa, published on Jul 11, 2016

Whenever we think of losing weight, this thought stops all of us. Fear of 'cheat' makes all of us a pussy cat.. How ignominious. Actually, there is nothing wrong in having cheat meal while we are on dieting; the 'offense' is to not get back after doing 'cheating'. The real problem is people think dieting is a process of two to three months, which it is not. In reality, it is a lifestyle; which needs to be adopted for lifetime not just for two or three months.

We know it is not easy to adopt any lifestyle immediately, but slowly and steadily is how you can make huge difference. Here are... (more)


Don't be stereotype; plastic surgery isn't bad.

By Jenessa, published on Jul 2, 2016

This is the reaction of the family and friends whenever any person express his or her intention to "look prettier always". They give so severe reaction and a long list of negative of side effects of plastic surgery that most of people decide to quit; and few who refuse to change their decision are often frightened with the cost of the treatment. Well... Spare a moment and count that how much you spent on cosmetic previous year and the year before that. Yes.... Half salary every month.. Isn't this bit vicious?

For your own self, listen your voice. Go with a easy and not-so-expensive solution... (more)


Benefits of exhibiting brands in Dubai Events

By Jenessa, published on Jun 22, 2016

Having observed the tremendous benefits of participating in such events, newly launched and renowned brands never miss the chance to participate in trade shows. Exhibitions come in all shapes and sizes but the two main types are consumer expo and trade shows. Irrespective of its type and size, it facilitate businesses to interact directly with customers (existing & prospective), competitors, suppliers and potential investors. These events are not less than a profitable investment. Commercial service providers whether being large or small startups, should consider spending and investing... (more)


An Eternal Symbol of Love: Eternity Bands

By Jenessa, published on Jun 22, 2016

Why Choose Eternity Bands?

There is always a certain movement involved with the ring and if there is more than one ring, then the problem is compounded. Fusing the rings may stop them for intertwining but they still twist and turn and that causes problems too.

Eternity bands eliminate the problem altogether. During winter, engagement rings get caught inside gloves and taking jewelry off while wearing gloves is a pain. People have also complained that they get bruised and cut because their ring gets knocked back in the finger.

The Decision of Buying Eternity Bands

Once... (more)


How are liquid fabric conditioners sheets used for laundry

By Jenessa, published on Jun 20, 2016

Soft and unstuck clothes are everyone’s favourite but the type of washer and dryer has a huge impact with only a few choices available. Both liquid conditioner and sheets has their benefits and shortfalls depending on how you use them and the most preferred type per the cloth. Personal preference also matters but only by understanding the characteristics of the softener can one realise the true potential. This includes purpose, cost and effect on material that has been laundered.

Liquid fabric conditioner: Use, types & purpose

Liquid cloth softener was first produced in the... (more)


How recruitment agencies work?

By Jenessa, published on Jun 13, 2016

Whereas candidates who are in the process of hunting a relevant job, according to their qualification and skills submit their resumes to avail the best career opportunities. Whether, an agency is hired by an employer or a job seeker, it serves as an intermediary between the two. In simple words, the single purpose of an employment agency is finding the most suitable person for a vacancy that is available in an organization.

So how does it actually works?

Every agency sets its own work pattern, they all follow a general strategy. As soon as their client company contact... (more)


Six most profitable small businesses to pursue in Middle East

By Jenessa, published on Jun 13, 2016

The unmatched potential to earn well draws various expats and refined personnel who with their extensive knowledge further groom the business industry.

No doubt, license and registration for small and medium sized industries is complex and ask for sufficient capital for start-up, let it not hold you back from trying. The real question is; how you can turn a good business idea to a productive and long-term sustainable business. Before you step into the business world, it’s better to grasp which ones are in more demand these days keeping Dubai as a primary target. Check out a few examples... (more)


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