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Explore Wonders of Manila in Budget

By Jayce Norman, published on Aug 28, 2014

Looking for a truly exotic destination that you can travel at a fraction of what you might need to spend in Europe or America? Take a trip to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, which is noted for its outstanding natural landmarks, such as Boracay, Banaue Rice Terraces, Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, Tubbataha Reef and Chocolate Hills. Located on the largest island of the country known as Luzon, Manila serves as the transportation hub as well as the main tourist destination in the country.

No matter where you want to visit in the Philippines, you are likely to... (more)


Popular Day Trips to Enjoy on Bangalore Holidays

By Jayce Norman, published on Jul 15, 2014

Bangalore is a nice destination, attracting locals and foreigners for its healthy climate and numerous places of interest. While it may lack in the number of natural and man-made landmarks, tourists like to enjoy the first-class facilities provided by its world-class hotels. Besides, they can also enjoy shopping, dining and nightlife as the city is particularly rich in the number of restaurants, nightclubs and malls. For outdoor activities, there are parks and some notable landmarks where they can spend moments enjoying a variety of interesting activities.

However, if you are going to... (more)


Cheap Tickets to New Delhi – Visit the World Heritage Sites

By Jayce Norman, published on Jun 27, 2014

Delhi has no less than three World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO. Besides, the city has a number of other structures that are no less interesting than the selected three. Delhi is often placed among the world’s most ancient cities, with sites representing each significant stage of the recorded history. It is not unusual to find sites that still baffles historians as nobody knows when exactly they came into existence or who exactly built these. So, Delhi offers an amalgamation of architecture, culture, mystery and recreation.

Being the capital of India, Delhi is well-equipped with... (more)


Explore - Three Tourist Attractions Voted Phuket’s Best

By Jayce Norman, published on Jun 13, 2014

Phuket, also known as the Pearl of the Andaman, is the most accessible of all island destinations of Thailand and is also the gateway to innumerable world renowned Thailand beaches, islands and national parks. Being one of the most loved tourist destinations, Phuket offers abundance of things to do and places to see to its visitors.

Additionally, Phuket has ample historical and cultural attractions, national parks, impressive vistas, farms and zoos, shrines and temples. Even the most devoted sun worshippers will certainly agree that that there is a lot more to Phuket than just beaches... (more)


Islamabad – An Exotic Destination to Enjoy Sunshine

By Jayce Norman, published on Jun 5, 2014

Islamabad, being the capital of Pakistan, attracts a good number of foreign travelers, though not all come here for holidays. Nevertheless, it can be a fantastic destination for a delightful vacation experience. This is because of its ideal location, favorable climate and availability of a number of tourist-friendly amenities. For foreigners, it is indeed an exotic destination to enjoy sunshine.

The Climate of Islamabad

Islamabad is located more than a thousand miles from the Arabian Sea. This results into the city becoming quite hot in summer and cool in winter.... (more)


Top Must-See Tourist Attractions in the Beautiful Bangalore

By Jayce Norman, published on May 29, 2014

Bangalore, India has such colors of old and new that it has to be experienced in order to be understood. On one side are the old streets of Doddapete and Chikkapette, established by Kempe Gowda 1(the founder of Bangalore) in the sixteenth century. On the other side nestles dozens of IT firms that form India’s Silicon Valley.

Today, Bangalore exhibits a robust cosmopolitan ambience and is recognized for its pubs serving out draught beer and its fame as a place for western rock concerts. With it innumerable Parks and Gardens, as well as pleasant climate, Bangalore is widely known... (more)

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10 Utterly Vital Things to Do in Mumbai Holiday

By Jayce Norman, published on May 17, 2014

Mumbai, the Bollywood City or the land of Indian Movies, is a city of extremes: Glitzy yet modest, unthinkable wealth yet deplorable poverty. Yes, Mumbai is chaotic on the surface; however, take a deep breath (sigh…) and just hold on, as you will soon realize that there is a way to Mumbai’s madness. Mumbai is not only about the sights, it is about the madness, the great experience.

Chic yet conservative; rustic yet refined…that is Mumbai for the tourists. So pack up your bag and book flights to Mumbai from london gatwick, as this Indian metropolis will take you on a memorable journey... (more)


Five Interesting Aspects of Bangkok Holidays

By Jayce Norman, published on Apr 12, 2014

One night in Bangkok will blow your mind. Bangkok is such a fabulous destination. A thriving tourist destination for the tourists on the lower rung of the financial strata, Bangkok has lost none of its eastern allure over the years despite the incredible development of the city on modern architectural line. Tourists on Bangkok holidays can have at least five interesting aspects of the city to see.

1.Shopping: If you are into shopping, then you will find several large shopping malls during your holidays in Bangkok. For example, if you like to search for designer items, you can... (more)


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