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Are Your Parents Awesome?

By jaybetee, published on Nov 19, 2009

When I was a child, my parents were my heroes. As a teenager, I often viewed them as adversaries. As I became an adult, they became more like great friends. Once that happened, I learned more about who my parents really are and were before my sister and I popped into the picture. And, I came to realize--as I think most of us do--that they are, well, kind of awesome. Blogger Eliot Glazer had the same realization. In fact, he not only realized his parents were awesome, but that all of our parents were awesome too. To celebrate this fact, Glazer has created a photoblog called My Parents Were Awesome.

... (more)

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Using Social Media to Remember, Honor Veterans

By jaybetee, published on Nov 11, 2009

November 11th is known by different names all across the globe. To some it is known as Veterans Day; others call it Armistice Day or Remembrance Day. No matter what you call it, November 11 is a day to remember the soldiers who gave their lives to protect our freedoms and to honor their memory.

Throughout modern history this day has been marked by parades, memorial services, speeches and other events that express the respect we have for our fallen heroes. Recently, with the coming of blogs and other social media platforms, our remembrance has also moved online. Social networks like Twitter... (more)

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Game 5 Pits Heart Against Head for Phils Fans

By jaybetee, published on Nov 2, 2009

All day today I've been asked the same question by seemingly every person I've come across, "What happened to your Phillies?" I give most a straight answer. "Well, they seemed to have forgotten how to hit, and their pitching just isn't what it was last year." To some I just lie and say, "They're just setting us up for a miraculous comeback." 


The falsity of my statement doesn't lie in the fact that it would take a miracle for them... (more)

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Burnett Burns Phils, Yanks Even Series

By jaybetee, published on Oct 30, 2009

There are those who say the Yankees where pinstripes because they make the opposing batters dizzy. The fact is, however, that on Thursday night it was the pitching of A.J. Burnett that kept the Phillies batters off balance. In the biggest game of his career, Burnett put on quite a show as he held the Phillies to one run through seven innings in a game that the Yanks ultimately took 3-1.

It was his curveball--which started outside and seemingly at the last moment would drop down and over the outside corner of the plate--that gave many of the Phillies batters trouble. This nasty curve... (more)

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Lee Dominates, Phils Confidently Take Game 1

By jaybetee, published on Oct 29, 2009

After going 25 years without a winning a championship, Philadelphia sports fans finally learned what it felt like to win last year when the Phillies won the 2008 World Series. As Brad Lidge struck out the final batter to clinch the series, all of the doubt and anxiety that was engrained in the collective psyche of Philly fans disappeared. And, what years of tears--and in some cases therapy--could not rid us of was suddenly washed away and replaced by an unfamiliar and exhilarating confidence.

This confidence seems to be shared by the Phillies who have been unstoppable so far in the 2009... (more)

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