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How to expand overseas without leaving the UK

By Jason Hulott, published on Sep 15, 2015

Globalisation gives practically any business – large or small – the opportunity to expand into new markets. To take maximum advantage of that opportunity, you might think you have to have an office set up in country or countries you are marketing.

This might be a daunting, not to say expensive, prospect. If you are just testing the waters, do you really need the expense of renting an office, staffing it and dealing with a mountain of red tape – all in a foreign language? And in the burgeoning markets of the Far East this might prove more than an inconvenience.

The solution

... (more)


5 tips for choosing your next Cornwall campsite holiday

By Jason Hulott, published on May 29, 2014

Cornwall is a top spot in the UK for camping holidays, especially when you are planning a family summer break.

However, the success of your trip will come down to how well you plan it. So what exactly should you keep in mind in order to make your camping trip this summer one to remember?

1. Decide which type of campsite you want to stay in

The first thing to consider when deciding upon campsites in Cornwall is to know which type of holiday park you are looking for. Factors that you may want to consider include whether it is targeted at families, couples or large groups,... (more)

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Looking for a hard drive recovery company?

By Jason Hulott, published on Jan 17, 2014

When it comes to computer disasters, few events can be worse than the unexpected loss of data on a hard drive. The hard drive is where all the important data is stored, whether photos, videos, invoices, market research, documents, customer details or sales reports.

So when a hard drive packs in, it is easy to panic.

However, all is not lost. These days, specialists – as well as specialist software in some cases – are able to recover data that has been lost, even when the hard drive has been physically damaged or corrupted.

So how should you set about choosing hard drive... (more)


Link Building - it's not just about SEO

By Jason Hulott, published on Jan 12, 2014

There has always been a huge link between link building and SEO, to the point that most people think that you can't do one without the other. Now while in one case that is true - SEO can't really be done successfully without link building - you can link build successfully without the focus on SEO benefits.

Ideas for Link Building...Not just SEO

·Brand Promotion

Writing and sharing relevant unique content on relevant third party industry sites, be they blogs, forums, article sections. Content could contain links to your site via brand links or links to your company social... (more)

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