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A Major League Crime at a Minor League Game

By Jared Boggs, published on Apr 27, 2011

San Antonio's Double-A baseball team, The Missions, had a pretty interesting game Tuesday afternoon. The visiting Frisco RoughRiders had a home run disallowed in the top of the ninth which led to manager Steve Buechel arguing the call and eventually getting tossed.

Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary until some unrest began over by the RoughRiders' dugout. The players were obviously upset with the call but their anger began to shift from the umpires to the fans. One thing led to another and then a trash can from the dugout was tossed into the crowd of fans who congregated in... (more)


These are Not the Astros You are Looking For

By Jared Boggs, published on Apr 5, 2011

Three games into the 2011 MLB season and the Houston Astros are 0-3. Correction, the Astros are 0-2 and Brandon Lyon is 0-1. Needless to say, it is shaping up to be a long year for Houston fans. It's not like I was expecting a postseason run in 2011, but I was hoping to see some promising optimism for the future. What I got were the same problems that have plagued us for the last several years. Mediocre pitching and inconsistent hitting. It's making me wonder how closely I should follow the team this year. I mean I've always loved them but I can't see them like this. The poor play,... (more)

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In the NBA Less is More

By Jared Boggs, published on Nov 9, 2010

The other night I had the unfortunate experience of watching a Minnesota Timberwolves games. Needless to say it was a gut wrenching experience. I'm sure the T-Wolves front office will tell you that they are in rebuilding mode and are slowly developing a young core of players into a contending team. While that is great PR spin for the fans, the truth of the matter is Minnesota is a bad team that will continue to be a bad team for several years and the league would be better off without them.

The current NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement expires at the end of this season and rumors... (more)

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Commercial Success?

By Jared Boggs, published on Oct 27, 2010

The NBA season is set to kick off tonight with two games on TNT. While I look forward to seeing the new look Heat and defending champion Lakers in their respective match ups, what I am not looking forward to is the new LeBron James Nike commercial that will surely be shown ad nauseum.

The commercial is nothing but another ploy for James to get sympathy and help is image. Nike marketing at its finest. During the 1:30 spot, James repeatedly asks "what should I do?" It's supposed to be a response to all the critics and boils down to LeBron essentially saying he is his own man and makes... (more)

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