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Miss Manners Guide to Parking

By Jamie Lake, published on Oct 20, 2007

Being an experienced driver in the formidable frenzy of Southern California, I consider myself an above par driver. I've always thought I had the right amount of caution and assertion to get where I need to go efficiently. There are many horrible drivers on the road, but I of course am not one of them, as probably 99 percent of drivers believe. With so much driving, parking, driving, parking that most Angelenos have to do just to get to work (let alone go somewhere on the weekend), other drivers seem to have found a way to comment on other's driving from time to time, and may not always share... (more)

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The Holiday Exam for Dating

By Jamie Lake, published on Jul 7, 2007

With the 4th and all the hype surrounding it finally over, relationship status answers have emerged. With Christmas and New Years I found the answer for Monty. Valentine’s and St. Paddy’s, Glenn made my answer clear. For Memorial Day it was Omar, and for the 4th, it was Logan’s turn. The classic test of “who am I going to celebrate the holiday with,” has proven to again provide an unsatisfactory answer, but an answer nonetheless. For all the daters out there who faced similar situations this past week, I suggest you pay attention. If you weren't invited to spend the holiday with the... (more)

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