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Tax Rebate Deal: Higher Mortgage Levels Coming

By James Hershiser, published on Jan 25, 2008

The Associated Press reported yesterday that included in a tax rebate deal hammered out between Congress and The White House is a provision to raise the limits on FHA loans and the mortgages that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may purchase. Originally it was reported that this limit would be up to $725,000 in high-cost areas, such as Southern California.Today it is being reported that the limits would be up to $730,000 for FHA loans, and 125 to 150% of an area's median home price for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages, that would be considered conforming loans.

Conforming loan limits... (more)

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Mr. Tangerine says Good-bye to 2007

By James Hershiser, published on Dec 28, 2007

Yes, friends and neighbors, the year of our Common Era known as 2007 is coming to an end, and with the end of this silly year comes the end of Mr. Tangerine...yes, I know, we are all crying about this, but he must go back to the Tangerine Dream where he came from, to be replaced by...well, uh, me. Yes, the sarcastic writer slime known as Mr. Hershiser will be taking his place: don't worry, I will try to be better than Mr. Tangerine, which should not be too hard, judging from the nasty article comments. Now, from one form of silliness to another: the year 2007, the Year of the Silly? But... (more)

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Mr. Tangerine Says: Presidential Race Silliness

By James Hershiser, published on Oct 12, 2007

Is it just me, or is the 2008 Presidential Race turning silly? Now, granted, it is early in the race...well, wait a minute, that is one thing that is silly right there: uh, isn't the election in November 2008? We have not even hit November 2007, and the major hype has been going on this race since, what, 2006? When did this start happening? Pretty soon, the next Presidential campaign will start the day after the Presidential election: neat, just what I am looking forward to, 4 years of political punditry and media ads. Someone slap me now... Now, with the Democrats: we have a bunch of contenders,... (more)

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An Opinion From Mr. Tangerine In Orange County

By James Hershiser, published on Oct 11, 2007

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! This is a voice coming from the Evil Empire that is behind the Orange Curtain, otherwise known as Orange County, California. Now, I know that most people (okay, everyone) thinks that there is no such thing as a voice coming from Orange County, or anything like concious thought, either, other than "Oh, my gawd! I am, like, so pretty and rich and bored...". However, I can assure you, gentle readers, that I am not pretty, not rich, and not all that bored, and in fact, there are many like myself here that are the same as I am. In fact, we even have half a brain and... (more)

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