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How to Get the Best Possible Deal on Courier Insurance

By jacked, published on Jun 27, 2014

When it comes to analysing performance across different industries and market sectors, logistics often falls beneath the radar. While this is primarily due to the fact that it does not necessarily exist as a stand-alone sector, it is important to remember that it has strong links with purposeful industries such as manufacturing, construction and retail. In fact, logistics plays a pivotal role in almost every business and industry, which means that growth or innovation in this market should be welcomed as an extremely positive development.

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Easy Ideas to Give Your Front Garden a Summer Makeover

By jacked, published on May 29, 2014

Yes, that’s right - summer is coming. Although the skies might be a tad grey right now, there will be at least one week where we can sit outside in the sunshine (if we pray). Unpredictability aside, it’s time you took a look at the front of your house to assess the damage that winter may have wreaked. Whether it’s welcoming you home from work or inviting guests in for a visit, the front of your house creates the first impression of your home so it’s important to make it appealing. Here are some easy ideas to get you started and, hopefully, inspired.

Create a Path

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How to Run Your Business More Efficiently

By jacked, published on May 14, 2014

Whether your business is large and well established or a small start-up, there are plenty of simple ways to improve the efficiency of your company. Businesses must strike a careful balance between the amount of money spent on outgoing costs and the profits that are made in order to survive. The world of business is highly competitive and constantly changing, and efficiency is essential for success. Follow these basic steps to get started and boost the bottom line of your enterprise.

Smart Marketing

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Dealing with the Threat of Insolvency

By jacked, published on May 7, 2014

Even as the UK economic recovery continues to gather momentum, there is still some work to do to secure a prosperous future in the long-term. After all, many economists believe that the current recovery is being driven by excess borrowing and heavy consumer spending, and this cannot be sustained indefinitely without placing people’s assets at risk. The personal debt mountain in the UK remains far higher than it was prior to the onset of the Great Recession, which means that consumers must adopt a sensible outlook and strive only to spend within their existing financial means.

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The Importance of Home Insurance : How to get the Best Cover

By jacked, published on May 6, 2014

Disposable income is on the rise in the UK, as British households have more to spend on non-essential purchases and investments. While this is positive and largely unexpected news, however, it means little unless responsible adults are able to use this capital wisely and reduce their borrowing accordingly. So not only should you look to reduce your everyday living expenses, however, but also protect your investments by procuring adequate and relevant insurance coverage. Without this, you run the considerable risk of losing your hard-earned money or undermining the positive impact on any previous... (more)


What You Can Do With a Degree in Economics

By jacked, published on Apr 28, 2014

Studying at an institution is an intense period in many people’s lives and while you are completing assignment after assignment and revising for numerous exams it can be hard to free your mind up to think about what you’d really like to do in the future. Economics is a degree that is valued in many sectors as your experience analysing complex statistical data means that you qualify for high earning roles. Sometimes the very problem is that the degree is so broad and transferable. To help you make those important decisions and make things clearer, here are four key fields that you could get... (more)


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