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Burnt Out Ends - Demons Hatching

By Jack Bates, published on Mar 22, 2010

...Continued from Burnt Out Ends

As I waited for my holy brew I lifted Legs and the rest of her from my floor, depositing her on the sofa that was slightly charred from the day's earlier lovers' quarrel. "I am a sucker for the Succubi," I said outloud to myself.Legs rustled the charred leather sofa as she stirred awake. "What is that smell?""That, sorry, is left over from my earlier breakup with my demon of a girlfriend. She didn't take it well when I told her it wasn't working out.""Oh, I didn't notice the burns, I meant that other smell. The one that smells like coffee. I could use... (more)

Tags: coffee, fantasy, detective, armagedon, americano, demon, sci-fi

City Living - The City Is My Muse

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 19, 2010

The City, she blankets us all and provides without judgment. We shape her even as we are shaped by her. Statues to our victors and fallen become part of our city as she molds the minds of our children. Crayons in hand, they draw dreams of firemen, plumbers, and peacocks at the zoo.

Our City has grit, rhythm, and a hustling hostility that drives many to pray, many others to sin. Smoking, drinking, gambling, betting on sports. Sports of men and animals, thinking ourselves civilized as we attend opera and concerts.

Glamor and glitz of our greed living side by side with our lights... (more)

Tags: Meditation, city life, urban

It Just Works - Readability Tool

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 13, 2010

The sub-head says it all, except why this tool is important. All the noise on a website can get in the way of the communication between the author and the reader. We even see it minimally here on BrooWaha. The advertisements, the links, the layout, all that just equals noise when a reader tries to read a web page. Readability cuts that all out and formats the text the way the reader chooses when they set it up. This allows the reader to concentrate on the message, to focus.

On sites like and readability really shines. The amount of noise on sites like those is... (more)

Tags: reading, ereader, readability, website formatting

Celestial Vacation Accrual System

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 13, 2010

An Acolyte of the State (we'll just say it like it and state are ONE) comes to petition the Great OrQuinn, the voice of god, and the head of his bureaucracy in this world. This poor Acolyte needs to know how much vacation they will have in 6 months so they can plan their honeymoon with their boss, because everyone in the World Bureaucracy is married to their work. As the clerk finishes reading off the petition The Great OrQuinn speaks."It is as it has always been.", The Great OrQuin pronounces in his deep, dogmatic tone.The Acolyte timidly responds, "Yes, but I've never... (more)

Tags: state employment

A Soldier's Prayer

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 12, 2010

As I button this, my country's uniform, I feel the weight of responsibility. The same responsibility that my father, his father and his father's father must have felt as they buttoned these same buttons. The weapons, technology and enemies may change. The purpose and responsibility are still the same. Serve and Protect our Country, our home, our loved ones.

I button up not out of want or desire but out of sacrifice and duty. Qualities instilled in me since before I was born, as my father would speak to me in my mother's womb. He would talk of what he knew. My father spoke... (more)


Asthma Attack

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 9, 2010

A darkening fogClouds my reasonBlurring my visionImpairs my willHalting my movementKnocks my kneesKnowing my lossI fallChest on fireFeeling the world's Full weight onChest on firePanic sets inAir, need airNo way inNo way outFading to blackHelp!, I shoutSilent call unheardPain becomes distantUnfelt feeling thereNot here whereI pass out


Tags: life, asthma, sickness

Science No Longer Fiction

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 8, 2010

I was transported to the imagination of my youth the moment I saw the computer simulated view that the Cupula in the new Tranquility module will present to the astronauts aboard the international space station. All I saw was the view out the front of the Millennium Falcon as Han and Chewie gazed into the vast universe of possibilities and freedom.

Growing up I was enamored with space, space shuttles, space stations, planets, comets, stars and somewhere along the way I "grew up". I am so grateful for the scientists that have not grown up. The scientists that have brought Virgin Galactic... (more)

Tags: nasa, international space station, shuttle, rocket

Burnt Out Ends

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 7, 2010

I made my morning mug of coffee at six fifty am. As I reach across my destroyed desk to finish the cooled sludge at twelve noon I realize two things; Yes, it has been one of "those" days and at least my trusty mug's spill proof lid kept the faith. I sip my cold bitter metaphor and reflect upon the day's events so far.

I never knew how many events could take place in five hours and ten minutes before today. And if you knew me, each and every event would have had to be life threatening to keep me from my morning cup of joe. Unfortunately for me, today these events were life... (more)

Tags: coffee, detective, armagedon, americano

Eternal Longing

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 4, 2010

I long for past summers Summers filled with hikesHikes through wild fields Fields of wind swept wonderWonder of a world unknownUnknown loss of innocenceInnocence replaced by knowledgeKnowledge that leads to longingLonging for past summers


Tags: aging, memories, summer, longing

How I Stopped Burning Over $1,000 A Month

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 1, 2010

Like the rest of the world my family has to do more with less, stretch that dollar, lemons to lemonade and all those other pull your boot straps up and get to work sayings. With cut backs at work over the last year leading to an effective 40% pay cut I had to lower my family's expenses. Here are my top 3 "bang for your buck" ideas that worked for my family!

Notice: These are not my ideas just ideas that worked for me to save money instantly (except for #1, that one is all me). These are things I should probably have been doing already, but like the rest of the USA I have been spoiling... (more)

Tags: finance, spending, savings, frugal, save

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