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Autumn Days

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 8, 2014

Brisk, crisp, crackly air drying Sweet smelling moldy leaves Brilliant color swept trees Raining fall down upon us all

Cutting wind out of the Northwest Flowing through their woolen coats To chill the bones of happy children Raging against Life's oppression

Armed with fervent laughter They bombard aging time With playful smiles, warm embraces And limitless, unconditional love

Naive of worldly worries And their slow fall from graces Eventually, all brilliant leaves fall Leaving forests of colorless trees


Tags: poetry, fall, aging, children, kids, autumn, time, innocence

Victory - Play by Play

By Jack Bates, published on Jul 25, 2011

The smell of fresh cut grass in the humid late August heat did little to cover the stench of teenage males battling each other over inches in a game that none but the combatants cared about. Lucky for me I’m allergic to fresh cut grass so my bloody nose, cut that stench with a metallic sweetness. A sweetness that always awakened a part of my soul that was only legal to unleash between the sidelines on game day. They broke their huddle.Sauntering up to my line of scrimmage they settled in to their formation. Squatting down, I ease in to my three point stance, left foot slightly farther back.... (more)

Tags: football, victory, high school, glory, defining moment, defense, offense

Summer Night Stroll

By Jack Bates, published on Jul 14, 2011

Along the beach winds a pathStrolling I breath inThe night’s ocean breezeSlightly sexy taste of salt on the windLooking out at the sunsetOn today’s horizon of limitless possibilitiesI stroll on in to the darknessLicking my lipsAlready dreaming of tomorrowI fade to black tonight


Tags: introspection, wind, beach, twilight, night walk, pondering, mood

It Just Works - Newsmap

By Jack Bates, published on Jul 7, 2011 is a visual map of news by topic and region that you can customize to your liking. News Map makes sifting through Internet flotsam easy and enjoyable. Powered by Google News, newsmap's visualization tree mapping algorithm makes sorting, sifting, finding news available in a visual matrix. This matrix helps visual learners like myself get to the news I want faster with less pain.

The map is broken up by countries and topics. The country list continues to grow and now includes Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italia, Mexico, Neherlands,... (more)


Burnt Out Ends - Unhappy Hour

By Jack Bates, published on Jul 5, 2011

The bar was an old speakeasy from the 1920’s. Entrance through a bookcase in an affluent Pac Heights home, built on bedrock, the house sat a top a natural cave that the 1920,s owners had worked, but left visible and a bit raw. The room was illuminiated by gas lamps shrouded in red velvet tasseled hoods, tinting the smoke filled air crimson, and completing the pleasure den feel. A perfect place for an angel to get lost in her thoughts.Thoughts and experiences tied together by a menagerie of threads to create a tapestry of seemingly pure chaos that only she and God could find a pattern in.... (more)

Tags: religion, fantasy, sci-fi, bar, angel, burnt out ends, speakeasy, happy hour, unhappy hour

Obama Keeps His Promise On Transparency

By Jack Bates, published on Jul 1, 2011

Politicians obfuscate. "Don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain". Grand promises with no detail or follow up, until now. was a great start but I never dared to dream that Obama and his administration would come up with Put in your zip code, POW, see your tax dollars at work.


Contracts Awarded: 7Total Amount: $7,936,620

Amazing! The ability to then drill down on the map to what company and project the contract was awarded to, the project status, and eventually a detailed project page was jaw... (more)


Outlook Archive - A Ticking Time Bomb

By Jack Bates, published on Jun 15, 2011

There are various size and “depth” limitations to outlook archive files (.pst). These vary on what version the archive was created in. 2003 – 2 gig2007 – 20 gig2010 – 50 gig The warnings can be changed ( but they are set by the installed version of Office, not the version the archive was created in. There in lies the rub for users that use an archive like a mailbox extension. The very definition of an archive is that you stop using it. You only refer to it if you need to, and then in a read only type fashion. This is why I always referred to these... (more)


Through Crystal Eyes

By Jack Bates, published on Jun 15, 2011

Big, beautiful eyes Large, vast, and wideInside is a place That dwarfs the skiesLove, beauty Peace, and harmonySet the pace of this magnificent placeLost and helpless, Where am I?Must have traveled there, Through your eyes


Tags: love, love poem, crystal, mystical


By Jack Bates, published on Apr 11, 2011

What is the use?Oh how I lament this need!We need more hoursNot less!This robber of oursSteals our momentsBy silent slumberNot so silent snoringBoring Boring BORING!


Tags: poem, poetry, satire, free verse, sleep, lament

It Just Works - Xmarks Grows Up, Gets Bought, Go Premium

By Jack Bates, published on Apr 7, 2011

My original article on Xmarks covers the basics and they haven't changed. The video is a decent review of Xmarks sync on the iphone. This gives a good visual overview of how easy Xmarks is to use.

Last Pass works on what they call a "Freemium" model where almost all the services and content are free. Additional content and services can be acquired by paying a small fee for premium access. They have brought this model to Xmarks. The mobile access on my Andriod OS to my bookmarks was well worth the $12/yr. Xmarks Premium is the best browser backup and sync solution for mobile users... (more)

Tags: iphone, internet, mobile, browser, backup, android, xmarks, bookmarks, recovery, sync, phone, blackberry, dolphin, tabs, tabbed browsing

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