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Viral Music Marketing Internet Success

By Jaci Rae, published on Dec 8, 2006

Being signed by a major label is not the prize card it used to be for many struggling musicians and indie artists. It's no longer the Yellow Brick Road that leads to the Land of Oz where your dreams come true so to speak. Conventional radio airplay, standard brick and mortar distribution and being signed by a major record label are no longer the only means of getting your music noticed. Because of the massive appeal of digital distribution and the easy and fast access to the Internet available now to most people, unknown musical talent now has a real chance at real success. Additionally... (more)

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Get the Word 'No You Can't' Out of Your Way and Climb Higher in Your Success!

By Jaci Rae, published on Dec 1, 2006

No. It's a two letter word that can instantly send chills down the spine of the strongest “strong man - woman” and knocks the wind out of anyone’s sails. In the entertainment industry it’s a word you may hear a million times…"No.” Even if you hear the word “No” one million and one times, never give up! I know it takes a lot of determination and motivation to get passed that little word, but you can do it! "No" seems to have a million different feelings attached to it, depending on how ‘no’ is interpreted. It also depends on the person’s perceptions when he or she hears... (more)

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The Perfect Earth-Shattering Kiss

By Jaci Rae, published on Nov 30, 2006

Each person has different feelings about the way they like to be kissed. A general rule for the first kiss is to be soft and brush his / her lips gently, without thrusting your tongue into your partner's mouth as if you were playing tonsil hockey. Once you are in a relationship, go outside your comfort zone and ask your partner what he / she thinks would be the perfect kiss. For many women and men as well, it's important to set the mood for the perfect kiss. While rushing your loved one into a heated kiss when you first walk in the door after work can be very stimulating and arousing, using... (more)

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Drunk Driving - A Deadly Cocktail Mix

By Jaci Rae, published on Nov 28, 2006

Drinking and driving is a 51 Billion Dollars industry and the cost is rising daily! Most people want to invest in a company that has that much money in its coffers. Normally owning a piece of a 51 billion dollar industry would be a real coo that would inspire most investment gurus with excitement for the future right? But this is not an industry anyone should invest in. This industry takes away any hope for the future. Any promise of potential greatness is dashed to the ground, becoming ashes and dust when people continue to invest in this business. For years, drivers have been warned about... (more)

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Stress Busting Christmas Ideas that Will Save You Money and Time

By Jaci Rae, published on Nov 28, 2006

It's that time of year again. The shops are hanging out their decorations with care in hopes, no really it's because St. Nick is almost here! It seems like every year stress is a main ingredient during the holidays. With Christmas not far off, most of us say the same thing to ourselves: This is the year I will shop early so I can avoid last minute shopping. I will begin the holiday season fully relaxed and enjoy it! Yet every year time seems to slip away and suddenly the holidays arrive. You end up racing to the stores, panic-stricken, trying to find candy in the empty racks or a beautiful turkey... (more)


How to Beat The Competition and Rake in Sales - Powerful Selling Principals That Will Help You Be More Influential

By Jaci Rae, published on Nov 23, 2006

It's the holiday season and we are about to enter into a sellers market. How can you take advantage of this time and optimize your selling power to rake in sales? It's all about influence and developing long-term relationships with your customers. How do you influence someone to want to buy your product without being a pushy, obnoxious salesperson? By making it about the consumer and not about you. You may have heard that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. While that may be true in some cases, the squeaky wheel is also damaging their future relationship with that customer. Consumers don't... (more)

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Starting Your Own Holiday and Christmas Traditions with Your Family

By Jaci Rae, published on Nov 22, 2006

When you think back on your childhood, do you recall family Christmas traditions that each year your family participated in? Maybe you all gathered to decorate the Christmas tree together. On the other hand, maybe you all went out for dinner and then sang Christmas carols to those in the hospital. No matter what you did as a child, you likely look back on the memories with a smile on your face. As you grow however and have a family of your own, you may start longing to start some holiday and Christmas traditions yourself. Sure, you may want to keep some that you grew up participating in,... (more)

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How to Celebrate Your Life Back into Love in Minutes

By Jaci Rae, published on Nov 22, 2006

Every time the phone rings, our heart jumps with joyous celebration. A night or day on the town with them becomes a celebration of time well invested. Each passing day we get to know them with deeper understanding, we celebrate their wondrous qualities. These qualities endear them to us, and we eventually make a decision to keep them in our lives permanently, because they have so many fundamentally important attributes we hold dear. During this time, we overlook certain things that seem trivial. If something bothers us, it's quickly forgotten and forgiven. We focus on all of the positive... (more)

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Have Fun for the Holidays

By Jaci Rae, published on Nov 21, 2006

The Holidays are steadily approaching and whether you're prepared or not, you'll soon be catapulted into a schedule that could have you traveling across the country or at least the town in order to visit your loved ones and reconnect families for the holidays. Parties at work and with friends will soon fill your calendar with events to attend and gifts to be purchased. This means Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkey, Christmas Presents and any other holiday that you might celebrate will be lurking just around the corner. If holidays usually get you down and you're really dreading the hustle and... (more)


Traveling for the Holidays

By Jaci Rae, published on Nov 21, 2006

Are you tired of the same old traditions for the holidays? Are the holidays bringing you down because they become so much work and preparation you find you can't enjoy yourself? This year, instead of your family and loved ones coming to your home, you might want to try traveling for the holidays. Many tourist attractions offer special pricing and benefits for those families wanting to spend the holidays away from home, they offer a comforting alternative with a lot less clean up. Thanksgiving can be a treat in the rocky mountains of Colorado or the quaint hills of Tennessee. Many restaurants... (more)

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