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826LA: Changing Lives One Apostrophe at a Time

By J. La Mont, published on Oct 1, 2006

Chances are you haven’t heard of 826LA. Don’t worry you’re not alone. At least for now. 826 is a nonprofit started by Dave Eggers, founder of McSweeney’s and author of such works as A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and Giraffe? Giraffe!. What started out as an act of love in San Francisco has spread like a benevolent cancer across our nation to Seattle, New York, Chicago, Ann Arbor and our own fair City of Angels. Its purpose is to support students aged 6-18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to help teachers inspire their students to write. What this... (more)

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Sex, Electrodes & Heat

By J. La Mont, published on Oct 1, 2006

Past research methods involved physically hooking up biometric measuring devices to the subject's genitals. Some speculate that this may distort the findings and serve as a "buzzkill" in setting the mood while others call this "Friday night." Either way the results have been especially poor in researching women's arousal. Our free-loving, pot-smoking hockey-playing neighbors to the North have found a new, less intrusive, though still creepy method of research. Using state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology researchers are able to detect body temperature changes to within 100th of a degree.... (more)

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Ray Bradbury is Alive!

By J. La Mont, published on Sep 27, 2006

Ray Bradbury is alive! Ray Bradbury was born in 1920 and graduated from Los Angeles High School in 1938. He is best know for his classic works The Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451. He spoke today, Sept. 27, at the Santa Monica Public Library for a free book signing and lecture. In a wheel chair, bad toupee and a jovial mood celebrating his 50th year signing books. His first signing took place two blocks from where we sat attracting a whopping 8 attendees including 4 family members. He started as a writer in Venice selling newspapers and getting published in pulp magazines like Super Science... (more)

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Gov. Angelides and Other Fairy Tales

By J. La Mont, published on Sep 27, 2006

Not that long ago the Governator poll numbers were falling fast as he suffered crushing defeats of his special-election measures. Anti-republican sentiment rose with the Iraqi death toll and gas prices. Red states like Kansas and Wyoming have Democrats leading their gubernatorial races. Angelides being the Democratic contender in the bluest state seemed poised for victory but that time has long since passed. According to the latest poll from Public Policy Institute of California, Gov. Schwarzenegger is leading 48% to 31%. Why? Both sides ran to the left after the primaries. Arnold went after... (more)

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Sweatshops Go Virtual

By J. La Mont, published on Sep 27, 2006

Long ago third world workers would spend hours toiling away on soccer balls and tennis shoes to fill the shelves of far away stores. How quaint. Now Chinese workers spend 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, mining gold, not inside some mountain but instead on a computer in virtual worlds known as massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs). The virtual gold is then sold to the highest bidder as part of the online underground economy and according to experts business is booming. MMOGs such as Everquest, Runescape or Worlds of Warcraft are some of the most profitable Net businesses out there with... (more)

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