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Bound To Ramble: Defining A Poet

By J. Hoods, published on Dec 6, 2006

A friend of mine asked me a question and I’ll be honest, I felt I have no right to answer it. Even though I admitted that to my friend, she still wanted me to try. Her question, “What does it mean to be a poet?” At first, I told her to go ask a poet, but she claims that I am a poet. “It’s what you do.” She said. I do write a lot, hell if I know if its poetry, but I do write. Then she followed with the same questioned, but rephrased, “Why do you try to write poetry? What does it do for you? I mean, is it the fact that you might be discovered, become a famous poet and have... (more)


Internet Cartoons: A New Form Of Art

By J. Hoods, published on Sep 23, 2006

Every regular internet user must have at least experienced one or two of them by now, either by an e-mail from a friend or just stumbling into one by looking for things to do on the World Wide Web. I saw my first interactive internet cartoon a few years ago. Its called, “The Jōesterizer: 10 Speed Frog Bender 2000” by Joe Cartoon. It was a frog in a blender and it was amusing to the simple fact that the frog is insulting you while you press the blender to a higher power of, well, blending. Till the frog meets his end, and gets ripped apart at the end. It’s a bit crude, but it was... (more)


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