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Surprising Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

By IvanH, published on Mar 30, 2016

Massage techniques are of ages old and are the most intuitive forms of therapy. The following are some of the health benefits of massage therapy

Decreases blood pressure

Massage therapy is good for people with high blood pressure. According to studies done by health experts, it’s proven that a regime of various massage techniques helps to lower the level of an individual’s blood pressure.

Improves skin condition

Massage therapy helps to keep the skin healthier and good-looking. Massage sessions enable the sebaceous glands to function better. It also eliminates waste from the skin... (more)

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2016 Summer Croatia Festivals

By IvanH, published on Feb 29, 2016

Croatia has dozens of great summer festivals: it’s a great way to enjoy music, rest, experience the idyllic surroundings of festival sites, and explore Croatia at the same time. Here are the five festivals you should check out in 2016:

INmusic Festival, Zagreb

Held annually in Zagreb, the INmusic festival is the largest international open-air festival in the country. It features several stages, both domestic and international rock, metal, electronica and hip-hop artists, and a variety of additional side-content designed to keep festival-goers entertained all day long. This year... (more)

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Best Cities to Visit in China

By IvanH, published on Nov 16, 2015

The country’s capital city is Beijing that combines modern architecture with its historic sites. Shanghai is China’s largest city and a global financial center. China has its iconic Great Wall fortification that runs east to west across the country’s north. China is nowadays becoming a travel destination that attracts millions of people every year. Here are some of the best cities that you can visit in China whether for leisure or business.

1. Beijing

The city is rich in history and the country’s capital for over 700years. Some of the finest remains of China’s history found here include... (more)

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5 Reasons To Visit Hong Kong

By IvanH, published on Nov 11, 2015

Well, it is about time you developed special interest in Hong Kong. If you must know, there are innumerable things that can spice up your vacation in this city. Here are five key reasons why you must find time to visit Hong Kong:

1. Incredibly Delicious and Unique Cuisine

The very first question you may be asking yourself is if you will enjoy the kind of food served in Hong Kong eateries. A bold answer to that is YES. Hong Kong prides itself for homing very unique delicacies.

Make sure you order a cup of hot Hong Kong Milk Tea for breakfast. How about a plate of roast meat? It... (more)

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Living Online: Where and How Much Time Do We Spend

By IvanH, published on Nov 2, 2015

Nowadays, getting out of bed before checking their Facebook newsfeed is unthinkable for most people, especially those 66 percent of people between the ages of 14-34 who are frequent users. Despite the growing number of adults who started to use Facebook in the ages above 50, there are many other platforms which challenge Facebook’s popularity among the younger generations. Today it’s almost unthinkable to be offline for longer than a few hours which prove the facts that the global online population consists of approximately 2 billion people which equals around 30 percent of the World’s population.... (more)

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