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Pardoning Pittman

By Invisible African, published on Oct 15, 2008

Christopher Pittman got 30 years for shooting his grandparents in November 2001. That might seem like a puny sentence for a double murder until one considers how puny the perpetrator was: about five feet tall. But then that is about average for a sixth-grader.

Why Pittman snapped is anyone's guess. Maybe it was the frequent whippings he got from his father, or his mother's tendency to disappear for years at a time. When he was 12, he had a nervous breakdown, which is when he started taking Paxil. That is also when he moved from the family home in Oxford, Florida to live with his grandparents... (more)

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The Great White Hype

By Invisible African, published on Aug 29, 2008

The meteoric rise of Sen. Barack Obama has some calling him an anti-Christ and others praising him as the Messiah. At his rallies, women swoon as if he’s a rock star.

A YouTube video, “Obama’s fainting ladies,” shows the Democratic nominee downplaying the phenomenon, as he asks crowds to “Hold on, we’ve got someone who’s sick” or “Make some space, they’re probably just a little overheated” or “She’s fine — you probably didn’t eat lunch, that’s the problem.”

But for many the problem isn’t nutrition or whether Obama and Satan are one. It’s that Obama believes he’s actually going... (more)

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Librescu Day

By Invisible African, published on Jun 16, 2007

There isn't room enough on the calendar to honor every American hero, but Aug. 16, the birthday of one such hero, is a day teachers and others who cherish education should make a point of celebrating. No one knows what drove Liviu Librescu, four months short of his 77th birthday, to martyr himself to the cause of education. But that is what Librescu, a Romanian-born Holocaust survivor and mechanical engineering professor, did when he blocked a gunman from entering his Virginia Tech University classroom on April 16 -- earning him five bullets, one of them to the head -- so that most of his students... (more)

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