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Enlightenment For The Weary

By I Wisdom, published on Mar 16, 2008

*In the midst of the storm, I have learned to stay afloat. I use the energy of mine enemies as the devices to keep me above the rapidly rising waters.

* In the midst of the storm I learn to keep dry. I use the hot air of envy and thate of mind enemies to warm my we body.

*In the midst of the storm I stay on the straight road. I use the evil stares of mine enemies to guide my path to righteous deeds that I may never lose light, energy and focus.

*In the midst of my storm, I thank mine enemeis for giving me so many tools to utilize my struggles.

*Without you, mine... (more)


Inside The Storm: Making Direct Eye Contact Can Be Awakening

By I Wisdom, published on Mar 15, 2008

Wow, I went to go pick my son up last night at the studio. Not even knowing the devastation that was going on right down the street. I mean, we did get caught in the very very heavy rain, some high winds, zero visibility, but no tornado activity. Now we were in the area that a tornado, Hurricane, sever storm would love, fester and easily grow, but it did not hit the place like it hit in the heart of downtown Atlanta. I don't think you heard me - the HEART OF DOWNTOWN. Now I come from up North and we like most major metropolitan cities are known for our tall buildings in the downtown... (more)

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