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Tata Threatening The Turtles

By Hozefa Merchant, published on Jan 13, 2008

The coast of Orissa is known for the birds, the beast and especially for the Olive Ridley turtles. With the biodiversity it supports, it can easily pass for a fragile ecosystem that needs protection. Bhitarkanika sanctuary and Gahirmatha beaches are already listed as reserved and restricted areas, in fact the beaches at Gahirmatha are of global importance because they are one of the last nesting places of the Olive Ridley turtles.

Orissa, apart from being an ecologically sensitive, is also one of the richest in terms of mineral wealth. 70 per cent of India’s total bauxite deposits... (more)


Girls To Gain Goats In Rural Maharashtra

By Hozefa Merchant, published on Jan 7, 2008

Our government is doing a lot for the farmers, no seriously, I'm not kidding, they really are making an effort.You don't believe me right, well for starters they have declared 1 lakh rupees incentives...woopsie, i meant compensation... for the farmers that commit suicide. The incentives... damn! i mean compensation... would be handed over to the family of the deceased. No wonder farmers can't sleep at night, before their headache was to pay off the debt and thanks to Govt, their new add-on is whether their family would kill them in their sleep to collect the bounty. Kudos for our Govt, especially... (more)


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