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Ab Fab or Drab Flab? Dreadfully Embarrassing Methinks!

By Horatio Leadbelly, published on Dec 26, 2011

Being somewhat nostalgic, I decided to snuggle up with a bottle of red wine to see what the Ab Fab team had come up with because I was feeling down in the dumps due to financial stress and needed cheering up. Needless to say the first sip was astonishingly hard to swallow and as the situation unfolded I actually thought about beating myself over the head with the bottle in order to make the pain go away. This was going to be a very very very long hour.

Permit me to sidestep into different reality stream for a moment, where another aging diva has made a comeback but with greater ease... (more)


December 24th in the Park

By Horatio Leadbelly, published on Dec 24, 2011

I pick a picnic table

brush the frost aside with my glove

my body is colder than the beer I brought with me

Hidden in my inside pocket

My daughter is happy

My wife content

I sit in the last bastion of Mother Nature in the City


Trees and stillness

Slightly drunken on wine and beer

Alone and happy

I am not afraid

No people, no shopping, no rush, nobody

I crack open a beer and look at the branches


Where did we go wrong?

Where did we take a wrong turn?


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The Joker

By Horatio Leadbelly, published on Dec 6, 2011

"And may his soul rest in eternal peace".

The words rolling around in my head were just starting to lose meaning as Aunt Peggy noisily parked the tea caddy alongside the arm of the sofa and tilted the teapot over my cup.

"Shur you'll have a warm drop luv, won't you?"

I forcefully kinked the outer edges of my lips ever so slightly skyward feigning relief and said, "Thanks Peggy." and feeling she had done her bit she continued on to the next guest.

The place was full but I felt so very alone as my sorrow sucked me downward and no matter how hard I tried to cheer myself... (more)


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