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A look at the Grade 2 Remsen Stakes’ top contenders

By herbertp343, published on Dec 6, 2017

The Grade 2 Remsen Stakes

As part of the last blockbuster afternoon on the New York Racing Association, NYRA, circuit for this year, the Grade 2 Remsen Stakes brings a field of ten juvenile colts together, all full of their owners’ and jockeys’ dreams, hopes, and potential.

The event, with a US$250 000 purse, not only represents what would be an enormous, in fact, the biggest, career victory up until now for the winner, but also with it brings intensified hopes and aspirations for the first Saturday in May 2018, The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports!

With the 2018 Kentucky Derby... (more)


Find out which sports are the oldest amongst those of today!

By herbertp343, published on Dec 6, 2017

The Oldest Sports in the World

Sports have been a big part of civilisation since we started recording our experiences: there are multiple ritual games mentioned as far back as the Bronze Age - 3300 - 1200 BC! While some have been lost along the way, there are many that have remained, although changed, and are still being enjoyed today. This article looks at which of these ancient athletics are still relevant.

Hockey is High Up on the List

The first recorded use of the word Hockey can be found in a proclamation delivered by Edward III of England, back in 1363. The game is also depicted... (more)


Professional Resignation Letters Samples

By herbertp343, published on Dec 5, 2017

Last year, I chose to resign from my job as it had come a time where I felt I needed to move on. I worked as an administrator at a financial institution and my duties involved data entry, preparing reports and data research. It was my first job after graduation and I had been there for 2 years so resigning was a very difficult decision.

Over the past few months, the workload began to increase and redundancies were looming. Cracks were beginning to show at the company. Despite employment opportunities being slim in the current economic climate, I was confident that I would be able to... (more)


Follow this guide then you can win more on online casinos

By herbertp343, published on Dec 4, 2017

Starting to play free online casino is a jungle of choice with different games and strategies, as well as lots of online casinos to choose from. But when you got to know the game market and found a game type that fits, it's easy and fun! Of course, it's easier to play at an online casino than at a "land based casino" and you can find guides to every casino game online, as well as trial games without real money which every online casino basically offers. This guide will help you maximize your winning chances when you play casino online.

Important beginner tips

Choose tax-free... (more)


A Complete Beginner Guide for Online Casino Gambling

By herbertp343, published on Dec 4, 2017

Generally, casino games are considered games of the chance because its outcomes are determined by the random events. This kind of event could be turn of card, roll of dice and spin of the roulette. If you are planning to play casino game then you must follow some tips such as

Know the rules Limit your losses Learn some strategy Quit when you are ahead

Basically, online casino is the enjoyable form of the entertainment and it is possible to win money with a bit of luck.

Types of casino games which you can play

If you are new to the gambling industry then it is always... (more)


One Who Got Away: Which Factors Boost Mobile Retargeting Sucess?

By herbertp343, published on Nov 28, 2017

Sometimes it seems like getting people to download your app is half the battle or more. But did you know that approximately one in four people abandon a mobile app after a single use? This suggests the primary challenge in paid user acquisition goes beyond simply enticing people to notice and download your app. Rather, it’s an ongoing challenge getting users to engage and convert over time.

In the past, mobile marketers tended to spend their money on acquiring hordes of new app users. But this can be an expensive way to use up an advertising budget in the hopes that a fraction of these... (more)


A Beginner’s Guide to Business Intelligence (BI) Terms & Jargon

By herbertp343, published on Nov 17, 2017

Business intelligence (BI) solutions for enterprise companies, when employed correctly, can reveal new opportunities for growth and expose business strategies your team may never have considered before.

Then again, many organizations fail to leverage these benefits because business leaders fail to understand the jargon surrounding the data industry. The onus for these misunderstandings falls on two groups: The businesses who oversell what data can do, and the media which sometimes inflates industry news and obscures good reporting with heavy jargon.

Long story short, a more robust... (more)


How a Tracking System Help Your Business Flourish

By herbertp343, published on Nov 15, 2017

Tracking time is an important part of business performance. It has an impact on the accuracy of payroll transactions for hourly workers. It contributes to the invoicing process and ensures bills are sent and paid in a punctual fashion.

For these reasons (and more), all companies operate some form of time tracking system. While older versions rely on fallible punch cards and time clock devices, modern systems are much more reliable.

Full-size employee time tracking models can help a business thrive in a hundred different ways. Plus, as this technology is inherently variable, software... (more)


Tips on hiring an In-House Cybersecurity Team

By herbertp343, published on Nov 13, 2017

Businesses that can afford the added expense are bringing on their own in-house cybersecurity teams. These teams develop and implement strategies to defend against cyberattacks and to help the business recover in the event of a successful data breach. The shortage of cybersecurity professionals, however, is driving salaries higher and making it more difficult for businesses to assemble the skilled talent that it might need. As a result, businesses might need to go beyond their common hiring practices to form an in-house cybersecurity department.

First, the “cybersecurity professional”... (more)


Hostinger Service Review A personal take!

By herbertp343, published on Nov 9, 2017

Choosing a hosting company has more implications than meets the eye. You’re doing more than just reserving a spot on a server. You’re also dictating the terms of how Google treats your website in terms of SEO as well as just how effortless and uninterrupted browsing session your customers are going to enjoy.

Therefore, it goes without saying just how imperative it is to conduct due diligence and give a lot of thought the decision of choosing a host.

Speaking of hosting service, Hostinger happens to be a rising star in the industry, or so they say!

But, is all that... (more)


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