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Internet Rumors Sorting Through the Fake News

By herbertp343, published on May 4, 2017

Donald Trump has popularized the expression “fake news.” Accusations of false stories and made-up facts (“alternative facts?”) flood social media. To stay informed, the modern person must not only keep up with the news, they must keep up with the fake news as well. If you’re not up on the latest lies, you’re not with it.

What’s a well-educated individual to do? You can’t just reverse DNS every story you see on Facebook to see who, if anybody, is behind it.

So, to keep your place in the in crowd, here are some of the latest fake news items for your pleasure. None of what follows... (more)


The surefire way to hack a Facebook account: Simple and easy Tips

By herbertp343, published on May 3, 2017

“How to hack a Facebook account” is one of the top main searches on the internet. There are various ways to hack any Facebook account. You may be someone who is looking to protect their account from being hacked and so want to take a look at how a Facebook account is hacked or for any other reason. There are various websites such as BluePortal to know more about it. To help you out, this article will take a look at the surefire way to hack a Facebook account: straightforward and easy tips!

The surefire way to hack a Facebook account: Simple and easy tips:

You may find that there... (more)


How to choose a web Design Firm

By herbertp343, published on Apr 28, 2017

Simple. You do your homework on them. Then, You Start asking questions and taking notes. There are plenty of web Desingers available. You want to go with the best because, in fact, your web designer is in essense your partner. your want to choose a designer that takes your business seriously.

What questions do you ask ?

There are several important questions to ask when choosing a website designer for your business web site.

Creating your website can be a tricky process. Choosing the best web design firm for your business web site is very important decision. ANd if your... (more)


Why should you invest in an SSL certificate?

By herbertp343, published on Apr 28, 2017

Every successful website provides the highest level of security possible to its users. Online users of today are very cautious when it comes to accessing a site. With increasing number of theft cases and data loss over the internet, website owners are expected to make use of latest available tools and techniques to ensure that their sites have the required security.

The use of SSL or the Secure Socket Layer is a must for all websites today which becomes even more important when you are hosting an eCommerce site where users are making transactions or viewing multiple items. Godaddy is... (more)


Few Benefits of using Renewal Coupons

By herbertp343, published on Apr 28, 2017

The use of online websites to promote business and services has become very familiar in the last few years. With more and more companies building their sites, the demand for service providers in this field has also gone up. Buying a good domain name at the earliest is important. Web sites such as Godaddy are very popular in this regards and sell domains at affordable prices. When you plan to create a website, you will not only need to buy a domain name for yourself but also additional features that provide security and make the site more reliable. All these features come at a particular price... (more)


Homemade Soap - Pure and Simple For Natural Living

By herbertp343, published on Apr 28, 2017

Perhaps it was the first time you tried to read and understand the ingredients in a bar of soap. You’re an obsessive label-reader. If nature didn’t make it, you don’t want it in your body, so why would you want it on your body. When you saw how unabashedly chemical soap is, you dropped it on the supermarket floor like a hot coal.

You just want an organic hand soap, not the recipe for Walter White’s blue crystal meth!

How to make soap

Well, here is how to make soap naturally. It’s so natural, you don’t even need fire. It’s the cold process and it’s not only natural, it’s... (more)


What makes movie streaming so popular?

By herbertp343, published on Apr 26, 2017

With improved internet speed and better technology to access online websites, things have become immensely simpler. Now you can sit at your home and enjoy many services for which you had to spend additional effort, money and time. Watching movies online through online streaming is one of the many benefits that come with good internet connection. Some good sites stream movies quickly, but the quality of movie viewing that such sites provide is different.

Movies are great fun. Every week some new movies hit the box office, and you cannot find enough time to watch them all. With... (more)


What makes driving for Uber so popular?

By herbertp343, published on Apr 25, 2017

The world of technology has made life easier for most people. With the access of internet and applications right through your Smartphone, access to information and services is even simpler. Everyone who commutes regularly can make use of cab service providers such as Uber to travel quickly. In last few years Uber has grown immensely. Uber has a vast network of cars, and they have their presence across the globe. Many people including car owners make use of Uber regularly because of the comfort and ease of use that Uber can provide them to travel.

Uber drivers are always in demand and... (more)


All you need to know about welding helmet

By herbertp343, published on Apr 24, 2017

Any manufacturing process needs to make use of welding process. Many hazards are associated with welding, and proper care is required to be taken to stay away from any risk. Every individual involved in the welding process needs to wear proper safety equipment. They eyes and the facial region is at the highest risk and hence a good welding helmet becomes crucial. A welding helmet is the first and the most important safety gear for any individual performing welding, and they are available in a wide range of designs, and each comes with its features.

How to buy a good welding helmet?

... (more)


Top 7 Diagnostic Software for Windows PC

By herbertp343, published on Apr 24, 2017

A windows PC is an important thing for a business but it is as essential to the home users as well. In short we can say that a window PC has become an important tool of our daily life, Although, mobile phones are trying to replace oust PCs’, but still computers are still very important. And computer failures and issues are also very common. In other to troubleshoot or repair a windows PC is not always easy task for computer technicians. To properly diagnose an issue on your windows PC, we need to collect the system information first. After collecting a detailed information, we can diagnose... (more)


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