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Michael Thomas and Marcus Davis of Hendren Group

By Henry Dren, published on Oct 4, 2013

Hendren Group’s Michael Thomas, Head of Investment Analysis, and Marcus Davis, Head of Principal Investments, will join a conference on “Understanding Banks in Emerging Markets: Observing, Asking, or Experimenting?” on September 5-6, 2013 at EBRD, One Exchange Square, London, UK.

The conference seeks to present leading researchers who will expound on recent developments in empirical banking research. Organizers invite participants to submit high-quality research papers on Banking in Emerging Markets.

Papers will focus on the following aspects of the research:

·the econometric... (more)

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Michael Thomas, Investment Head of Hendren Group

By Henry Dren, published on Aug 28, 2013

The conference is sponsored by the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Hong Kong. Papers in all areas of accounting using all available methodologies are welcome. The conference aims to bring together accounting scholars from around the world to discuss several high-quality research papers.

Hendren Group employs numerous effective techniques like basic and quantitative analysis in its own approach to research. It hopes to participate actively in this conference to enhance its capability to help build sustainable wealth for its clients. It will also serve as a venue... (more)

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Hendren Group - Opportunities Arise in regards to Samsung’s Market

By Henry Dren, published on Aug 25, 2013

Hendren Group, the international global investment company based in Tokyo, Japan,have made a series of advisory notes to their investors today in regards to the shortfall in the forecasts that Sony Corp analysts’ estimated that were necessary for them to attempt to regain the market share already lost to Samsung Electronics Co.

Sony has recently struggled to retain consumers having used job cuts, asset sales, the weaker yen and its’ Entertainment Division powerful position to return to the black after a fourth year of losses by the company. While Samsung’s products led by Smartphone’s... (more)


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