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Not So Fantastic Sam's

By Heather Renee, published on Oct 10, 2008 I took the day off...not rubbing it in..but it's absolutely so beautiful outside along the beach...I'm in heaven...I'd rather rent than buy at this point if this is what I get for my money. So I decide to go for a walk..I walk down to Redondo Village and check out the new Fantastic Sam's...which I had sworn off in the past after asking for "layered" and getting "mullet." However, I can not afford a Benjamin for a haircut, which is what most stylists get in the "Village".The place is empty, having recently opened 2 months ago, and it's Friday, and it's the "Village" no one would... (more)


Customer Service Reaches New Lows As Prices Soar

By Heather Renee, published on Jul 25, 2008

Think you're paying too much for gas, rent, clothes and food? are.

But what makes this all the more painful is that this high price often includes a bad attitude. In a capitalistic society with endless choices and competition for your hard-earned money, unsavory customer service remains free and increasingly plentiful. Uncertain times seem to have no positive effect on this constant.

Therefore, as the dollar weakens, and buying power decreases, consumers need to become more savvy and selective about where they choose to spend a buck, or ten (two cups of coffee and... (more)

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The War Against Education

By Heather Renee, published on May 15, 2008

Flashback 1983: An urban school: Thirty or more children sat attentively in precise rows; walls were decorated with Spelling Awards adorned with Scratch-n-Sniff stickers (Mmmmmm skunk). Armed with basic credentials, teachers marched in with a passion to teach that outweighed any advanced degree. Typical assignments consisted of tissue paper Mexicos, celebratory pen-pal letters attached to balloons, and the quintessential state reports culminated with a potluck of the regions' native foods. Traveling to field trips in the back of the teacher's Datsun replaced any memory of where the field... (more)

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