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Pet Ownership Has Responsibilities

By HealthExpert, published on Oct 14, 2016

Usually such acquisitions bring a great deal of happiness to the family and can be the beginning of a long and very rewarding association between man and animal. Unfortunately, sometimes this spur of the moment decision can lead to an incompatible situation which brings unhappiness to both owners and the pet.

One of the major sources of friction between families in the neighborhood is the dog which is allowed to wander, such a dog may belong to a family whose members are out all day at work and school. The dog naturally becomes bored with its own surroundings and seeks companionship... (more)


Eat and be merry, and keep kids both healthy and happy

By HealthExpert, published on Oct 5, 2016

Toddlers assert their will and independence by refusing anything but biscuits; parents fume and fret as their lovingly prepared delicacies are consigned to the bin once more.

The teenage girl's refusal to eat "proper" meals causes rows that are more an expression of parental worry about what she is doing away from the home and table than about a wasted pork chop.

But beneath all the emotional baggage that food acquires, children's diets are giving cause for concern.

The old pattern of proper meals each day has gone. Snacking and shift-eating make it harder to ensure a balanced... (more)

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Plastic Surgery and Facelift Operations

By HealthExpert, published on Sep 1, 2016

Via Wikipedia

To put it slightly differently, plastic surgery is essentially reconstructive. The plastic surgeon tries to restore not only form but, more importantly, function. The basic techniques used are the same as in any other form of surgery.

Skin cancer is eminently amenable to permanent cure by plastic surgery as well as by several other means, leaving a presentable and satisfactory result.

For internal cancer, involving massive or deforming removal of tissue, plastic surgery is particularly required to restore or minimise the defect, thereby enabling the... (more)


How To Get Attractive Body Shape

By HealthExpert, published on Aug 30, 2016

Life Tips Magazine surveys about what men and women find attractive in the opposite sex are common. At the top of most, for both men and women, is taut and shapely hips and thighs.

These popular magazines are read by millions of people every week, and they play a strong role in influencing the way people think. They usually send out an old-fashioned idea, isolate a muscle in a problem area and repeatedly exercise it until the muscle burns with overuse and fatigue, then keep doing this until you've done yourself some serious injury or you just give up because it doesn't work.

What... (more)


Green Tea: Discovering Health By The Cup

By HealthExpert, published on Aug 1, 2016

It's true! In the last few years, research into the chemical makeup of tea has identified a class of powerful antioxidants in the humble tea plant which have shown promise in inhibiting the growth of cancerous tumors, reducing the bacteria which cause dental caries, and helping to lower blood cholesterol. The only “catch" in this elevation of tea to medicinal heights is the type of tea we need to drink to gain these protective health benefits: the Superman of the teacup is Green Tea.

Green Tea differs from Black Teas and from OOlong Teas by virtue of the type of drying process it undergoes.... (more)

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