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When There's Some Weight Gained In Hollywood

By HalfHoff, published on Oct 20, 2009

For those of you who were fortunate enough to miss rounds one and two of the Jessica Simpson battle of the bulge episodes ... have no fear! The Deja Vu No New News Crew, has again went hunting in the zoo. In mock defense of poor Jessica, caped crusaders Joy Behar, Valerie Bertinelli and Meghan Mc Cain swooped down like vultures, picked this scoop clean, and will be regurgitating it onto the screen until round four. But YOU - concerned public - must call and blog and test and twit ONCE again, just to be sure that your opinion does not go without notice. Never mind that this gal barely received... (more)


Ending The Free Lunch Life Style

By HalfHoff, published on Oct 6, 2009

My opinions are:

I am not sure this is truly a 'career' choice, per se, rather in most circumstances, more of a continuation of the only way of life that they themselves have known.  However, I realize there are countless who have indeed found filing a few yearly forms to receive government benefits preferable to a nine-to-five work schedule and abuse the system at every opportunity.  I am also very aware of, and  have personal knowledge of,  women who have deliberately conceived a child with a 'minority' to further add to oncrease these subsidies and ensure preferential treatment for... (more)

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Letterman: Screwer Or Screw-ee?

By HalfHoff, published on Oct 6, 2009

After reading Ed Attanasio's  editorial on the Letterman sex scandal, I felt is was my duty, and right, to express an opposing opinion.

Letterman is refered to as S-C-U-M.  In the headline. Scum?  WHY?

Is consentual sex between co-workers NEW news? 


Have any of the women Letterman has admitted to having had sexual relationships with previously filed  suit against him for sexual harrassment or rape?


Have there been any reports of his wife of six months filing for separation or divorce due to this 'breaking news'  and ratings initiated media scandal?

... (more)

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