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Keeping Your Practice Chanter in Prime Condition

By guestposting, published on Aug 31, 2016

If you aspire to one day master the Great Highland bagpipe, you’ll need to begin by learning the practice chanter inside and out. Virtually every skilled bagpiper you’ll come across spent countless hours with his or her practice chanter before trying their hand at the Great Highland bagpipe. Even after moving onto the bagpipe, some musicians continue to revisit the practice chanter on a regular basis. Although high-end practice chanters aren’t exorbitantly expensive, they aren’t exactly cheap, either. As such, a practice chanter should be viewed as an investment and cared for accordingly. Aspiring... (more)

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Tips for Dressing Boho-Chic Style

By guestposting, published on Jul 28, 2016

Boho chic has become very popular within couple of past years. Here we will discuss on several tips to dress according to the style’s classics.

1. Natural tones and fabrics. First and foremost rule of boho chic is to dress as if you were living in the hippie times, when natural colors and fabrics were used. For example, you need to buy something like Naturalizer shoes in order to use only natural materials for shoewear and get only natural cotton or leather for the clothing itself. Famous designers also commonly use linen, chiffon, velvet and silk, and others. The colors in favor are... (more)

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Choose the Sustainable Solution to Your Bird Problem

By guestposting, published on Jul 8, 2016

Pigeons proliferate in urban areas, in large part due to the availability of nesting spaces. Nooks, ledges, and hideaways in the architecture of city buildings provide shelter from harsh weather, and city alleyways and garbage dumpsters provide food in the form of scraps. While many people think of these flocks fondly, going so far as to feed them crumbs in plaza squares, many others think of them as vermin and street pests. The truth is that they are neither — they are simply urban scavengers who have learned and adapted to thrive where humans live. That being said, their droppings are notoriously... (more)

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Being on Time: 3 Ways to Boost Your Punctuality

By guestposting, published on Apr 10, 2015

In general, you’re a pretty dependable person. Not only can you be counted on to help out at a moment’s notice, you make a point of never going back on your word. This enviable level of dependability has made you a popular figure at the office and earned you a sizable number of friends. Unfortunately, there’s one quality that has frequently compromised your dependability: serial tardiness. Ever since you were a child, you’ve had considerable trouble with punctuality. No matter when you promise to be somewhere, you invariably arrive late. Luckily, habitual tardiness is much easier to remedy... (more)

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Tips for a Fun, Fruitful Retirement

By guestposting, published on Jan 9, 2015

After spending nearly 40 years working yourself to the bone, you can help but become excited by the prospect of retirement. Having spent the last four decades getting up at the crack of dawn, reporting to an overcrowded office and raising a large family, there’s no question in anyone’s mind that your retirement is well-deserved. Although you don’t exactly dislike what you do for a living, you’re eager to leave the working world behind and begin the next exciting phase of your life. Now that your kids are out of the house and both your company pension and social security are starting to kick... (more)

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Regaining Your Confidence in the Wake of an Auto Accident

By guestposting, published on Dec 3, 2014

Things haven’t been the same since your devastating auto accident. In the blink of an eye, your entire life was turned upside down through no fault of your own. While making your way to the office, an inattentive motorist ran a stop sign and plowed right into your vehicle. The next thing you knew, you were waking up in a hospital room with a severe concussion, an injured back and a mouthful of missing teeth. Despite being given a generous insurance payout, you’re feeling more helpless and less confident than ever. You’re happy to have survived the crash, but your inability to return to work... (more)

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Practical Ways to Spread the Word about Your Small Business

By guestposting, published on Nov 13, 2014

You like to think you’ve done pretty well for yourself. After a highly fruitful four years at business school, you moved back to your hometown to turn your dream of owning a small business into a reality. Determined to succeed, you found the perfect office space and hired a top-tier staff. Although you’ve managed to stay afloat for the last few years, you can’t help but feel that business has been a bit slow. Sure, the vast majority of satisfied clients have left you glowing reviews on various websites, but word hasn’t spread as quickly as you had hoped. If business doesn’t pick up soon, you... (more)

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Tip for Saving Big on Your Next Glasses Purchase

By guestposting, published on Oct 26, 2014

At this point, there’s no denying that you need new glasses. You were determined to make your current pair last as long as possible, but now that you can feel your eyes straining whenever you attempt to read faraway text, you can’t put off the purchase any longer. While you’re certainly not opposed to the idea of selecting a stylish new pair of specs, you’re not looking forward to shelling out hundreds of dollars just to see properly. Fortunately, correcting your vision no longer has to cost a small fortune. As you’ll find, there are numerous ways cost-conscious glasses-wearers can save a bundle... (more)

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3 Things to Take into Account before Making a Big Move

By guestposting, published on Oct 21, 2014

You’ve tried your hardest to carve out a comfortable life for yourself in your current locale, but things simply refuse to go your way. After losing your job as a result of corporate downsizing, you’ve tried in vain for nearly half a year to find gainful employment. Unfortunately, your local job market has very little in the way of stable careers. Your newspaper’s classifieds are packed to the brim with temporary, low-paying retail and food service positions – and even those are flooded with applicants. Rather than eek out a living doing jobs that are beneath your pay grade and ill-suited to... (more)

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Popular Cities in Ras Al Khaiman

By guestposting, published on May 3, 2014

If you’ll soon be visiting the Persian Gulf, you can see an array of breathtaking sights and experience an exciting new culture in the shiekhdom of Ras Al Khaiman. Part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ras Al Khaiman is relatively small and home to under 250,000 citizens. However, despite the emirate’s small size, it features a number of fascinating cities.

Ras Al Khaiman (Capital City)

Bearing the same name as the emirate, Ras Al Khaiman serves as the capital city. In addition to being home to the Sheikh’s palace and the emirate’s most aesthetically-pleasing architecture, Ras... (more)

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