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The House--------Part one of four

By gt281, published on May 11, 2012

“Melody, I’m home,” yelled Dave Lunder as he closed the door to the apartment.


“I’m in the bedroom,” replied Melody.

Dave put down his briefcase and walked the few feet into the master bedroom of their two bedroom apartment. An apartment filled with furniture and personal belongings. The spare bedroom was also crowded, with Melody’s potter’s wheel and small electric kiln. The spare room was brightly painted pink with images of

animals and faerie creatures hand painted on the walls, a reminder of what could have been. A small crib, clothing and stuffed animals... (more)


The NORAD Event

By gt281, published on May 8, 2012

It’s quiet, very quiet, even for a room in the ICU. It always is at 2:00 in the morning. Just the sound of the heart monitor and the constant hum of the breathing machine are the only noises filling the room. The only source of light is the fluorescent lamp above the bed, flickering every now and then just to show its working. Retired Lt. Colonel John Abrahams lies quietly in his bed, these are his last days, perhaps hours, he knows it, as do the doctors and his family. It’s been a good long life of 83 years, nothing to complain about, nothing he wishes he had done different, a good long life,... (more)


Ima a Rapper

By gt281, published on May 4, 2012

Hey Ima a rapper don’t you know

Ima rapper, now on with the show

Hey there video man put that camera down

Real real low, lets shoot a video

Ima rapper Ima rapper don’t you know

Now show the girlie dancers in real slow-mo

Cut real quick and back to me, Ima the star don’t ya know

Ima rapper Ima rapper, and this is my video

Did you catch my sign, I did the arm crossing thing

Did you catch it, I made it real plain, with thumbs and fingers

There I did it again

Ima rapper, Im a rapper, I did this video

It cost me... (more)


A Fish Story...

By gt281, published on May 1, 2012

Whizzzzzzzzz, back behind me the line does go

Whizzzzzzzzz, forward now onto the water it does splash

The bobber hit the water, what a cast

Time for another beer

Nibble, nibble the fish did do, set the hook real fast

Real it in, then pull it back, Whizzzzzzzzz, the fish did slip the hook

Behind me now, the line did go, into that tree, it’s stuck in a crook

Cut the line and start anew, a brand new bobber and another brew

Whizzzzzzzzz, back behind me the line does go

Into that tree, once again it did go

Time for another brew

... (more)


The Oozing Goo...

By gt281, published on Apr 28, 2012

They say it fell straight from the stars and crashed into Puget Sound, and it made a tidal wave perhaps 100 ft high, with a surge that went inland for maybe a hundred miles, and it produced an earthquake of about 5.7 on the Reiter scale, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but that’s what I heard anyway.

What I do know is this, that almost every scientist and astrophysicist from around the globe, wanted to get a look at this thing to see what it was, perhaps it was a meteorite or a piece of a comet, or maybe just some space junk that had fallen to the ground. Well anyway, they brought... (more)


The Tree of Days

By gt281, published on Apr 24, 2012

“That’s him over there I tell you.”

“Your nuts, he doesn’t look anything like him.”

“I don’t even know why you guys bother, there’s no such person or tree.”

“There is I tell you, my brother-in-laws cousin saw it for himself and I’m telling you that old man knows where it is, he’s the only one who knows where it is.”

“Oh, yeah well if your brother-in law saw it, why doesn’t he know where it is?”

“It was my brother-in-laws' cousin.”

“Whatever…he’s lying.”

“He said he was blindfolded when he went there, that’s why.”

“Well, what did he tell... (more)



By gt281, published on Apr 19, 2012

Women are like roses, lovely to look at, lovely to smell, but if you wish to hold them, watch out for the thorns…

The Gordian knot was un-puzzled by a brave man with a sharp sword—it takes a greater man for a woman…

Martians are beings from another place, they are not of the human race, it is best to kick em in the butt to send them back into space…

Women are like diamonds, twinkling with heavenly lights and facets aplenty, too costly for mere mortal man…

Men are like ships, gliding serenely the waters currents, sails bellowing above. Should a woman take the wheel,... (more)


A Nation of Sadness

By gt281, published on Apr 7, 2012

The sky was blue, the air was fair

A festive mood in the air

The window high up there

Book depository, sniper in his lair

Three shots rang out, changed history

Causing a nation to weep and so much misery

The grassy knoll, the police sirens

Crowds await for the great

Open limousine shinny and black

President shot from the back

Echoes heard through-out the day

Dead in his seat he would lay

Secret service unable to protect

Pink dress with blood dripping now

Gone is Camelot’s vow

Zapruder... (more)


The Keep

By gt281, published on Apr 2, 2012

For ten thousand years it has stood upon the banks of Maldengeld. Its massive stones have withstood the test of time. So massive are they that it would take 500 men to move just one, it is said that it was built by a race of giants among these granite mountains. Its walls are perhaps 200 feet high, with the stones stacked upon one another so tightly that even a joint can not be easily seen, no doors or opening can be found about its walls, its walls are made of black obsidian stone, carried perhaps 300 miles from their quarry. The rutted path that was made can still be seen, even after all... (more)


Fluid Release System

By gt281, published on Mar 30, 2012

Bladder Control to Brain Command: Do you read me?

Brain Command here: Go ahead Bladder Control.

Bladder Control: Ahh, we have a fully loaded fluid reservoir down here, can you wake up Body to release build-up?

Brain Command: Roger that.

Brain Command to Body Control: Start wake-up procedures.

Body Control: What? It’s 2 am Brain Command, what for?

Brain Command: Bladder Control is afraid of dam bust of fluid reservoir, over.

Body Control: Roger that, starting wake-up sequence now.

Brain Command: All stations prepare for body wake-up, brace... (more)


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