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The Hunters...Part 2 of 3

By gt281, published on Jun 10, 2012

The sun was almost set when the three men reached the old logging camp cabin. It wasn’t much more than a four walled log building, with the porch roof half fallen in, but it would afford at least some comfort for the night.

“Put your gear down here. Before we go inside I want you to be aware that this cabin is always unlocked and that there may be some animals inside, last time I was here there was a badger hiding under the bunk bed, so we need to go in and make sure the place is clear. Got that? And watch out for snakes.”

Before entering the cabin, Jim took out of his bag an... (more)


The Hunters...Part 1 of 3

By gt281, published on Jun 8, 2012

“When did you say this guy was supposed to pick us up?”

“Uhh, let’s see…about 35 minutes ago.”

“Your guides kind of late.”

“He’s not my guide, Bob Fisher recommended him to me, said he was a great guide and knew this area as if he owned it, helped him and some of his company clients get a couple of 7 point Elk last year. You remember Bob don’t you?”

“Yeah well, I just don’t like to be standing here waiting that’s all. I expect people to show up when they say they will. Bob Fisher? Yeah I remember him, a talkative little weasel if you ask me.”

“Well, from what... (more)


The Tin Man

By gt281, published on Jun 3, 2012




Yes the tin man, created by man in his own image…

A marvel of mechanical technology…

Able to stand for eons…

Able to withstand wind, rain and hail…

Able to chop down a tree with a single blow…

Watch him as he defends little Dorothy and Toto from the

Wicked witch of the West…

Watch him as he defies the Witch’s fireballs…

He dances…

He sings…

He clinks, he clanks…

He swings his mighty axe…

Follow him on his... (more)


Bar Time Fun

By gt281, published on May 31, 2012

You know it’s amazing what happens in a darkened bar.

I was at my favorite sorrows drowning pool just the other day, yes it was a Tuesday. Double shot Tuesday as a matter of fact, I’d only been there about three hours, I know that because I still had some cigarettes left and the barkeep had only refilled my stale popcorn bowl five times. The barkeep, I’ll just call him Joe, after all I don’t want to get sued or anything, kept on renewing my subscription to Bacardi and coke when my glass was empty, so by this time I was feeling mellow and totally relaxed. I didn’t know many of the ‘guests’... (more)

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In Memory

By gt281, published on May 28, 2012


Iwo Jima laid in wait

It was a devil’s gate

Bastards battling on the black sand beach

Mt. Suribachi’s blackened dome loomed

In it's shadow many would meet their doom

Raise it higher and higher

The Marines did say

And this they did that fateful day

The Stars and Stripes raised up high

Atop the mountains crown for all to see

The start of an island victory

Wailing among the volcanic sand

Each man lent a helping hand

The flag does wave above them all

Cheers of joy, tears of sorrow

... (more)


You Know You're Getting Old When......

By gt281, published on May 24, 2012

1...You know your getting old when you have more hair on your upper lip than on your head. (applies to men or to women of Italian decent)

2...When the hottie receptionist bends over and you don’t look.

3...You wear two pairs of socks and a bathrobe to bed, instead of being completely naked.

4...You can only do the horizontal bop once every three months.

5...You don’t care if the snow ever gets shoveled off the sidewalk.

6...You think Metamucil tastes good.

7...You can read the entire New York Times while sitting on the ceramic throne, and fake in the... (more)


It's Baseball Time

By gt281, published on May 21, 2012

“Hello sports fans, Dan Hack here, I’m sitting here with my guest announcer Stu ta Gills at beautiful landfill side Dell Unisom Nabisco Gillette Hoover Oreo Lays Edison stadium, locally known as Dunghole stadium.”

“Are you allowed to say Dunghole on TV?”

“Sure we are Stu, we’re on radio, the whole thing is tape delayed.”

“Oh good, hi mom.”

“The game between the Boston Buffoons and the Cleveland Clowns is just about to begin and there isn’t a star in the clear blue sky. That may change though if we go into extra innings, but that’s not expected to happen today.... (more)

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The House---Part 4 of 4

By gt281, published on May 18, 2012

As soon as Dave had left Melody turned off the kitchen lights and watched anxiously through the windows, clutching her bathrobe tightly to her neck.

Dave steadily walked closer and closer to where the lights were, expecting to find a group of kids having a beer party. The lights were dimmer than flashlights and seemed to dance through the air. As he got nearer he could hear chanting and murmuring from a group of figures all dressed in full-length grey cloaks, their heads covered by the hoods. He crept closer to watch, being as careful as he could not to snap any branches underfoot as... (more)


The House---Part 3 of 4

By gt281, published on May 15, 2012

Two months later Dave stood on the porch of his new home, waving goodbye to the truck driver of the moving company. Dave wandered into the front yard and looked back at the house, certainly was big he thought. The hole in the roof had been repaired as had the broken front window, part of the deal he had made in order to buy the place. Just temporary fixes he knew, but it was a start, Melody was inside busily unpacking boxes and putting things where she best thought they should go. The house had been thoroughly cleaned by a professional cleaning crew before the papers were signed, another of... (more)


The House---Part 2 of 4

By gt281, published on May 13, 2012

“It’s not much to look at from the outside, it needs a little repair work. But the inside is still in wonderful condition, with all the original woodwork. Its barely been changed on the inside from when its was first built. Like I said it needs some work but it used to be the grandest house in town,” Lisa said trying to sound as enthusiastic as possible. “Come on come on lets go inside, I’m sure you’ll see. I have the key here someplace.” Lisa searched through her handbag, spilling misc. papers and a rusty key ring onto the ground.

“Oh, there they are,” said Lisa as she bent over to... (more)


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