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In the Land of WE

By gt281, published on Aug 17, 2012

A long time ago in the land of green, there where many wonders to be seen, and all the creatures were content as could be. The furry hippity hoppitys played in the leaves, the feathered ones all sung a tune to please, and the wild howlers did call through the night, whenever the moon was shinning bright.

Then it fell from a limb up high, or perhaps from the forest moon of Endor, it fell to the ground and made a screaming sound. It and another were the only ones around. A strange beastie creature never seen before on the forest floor, its body was hairy, its head was too, knuckles dragging... (more)



By gt281, published on Aug 13, 2012

Words they be wondrous things, hidden within my keyboard just waiting to spring. Yes, words upon the whitened page can conjure many an image for one to ponder. But I wonder as I type these words, made of just 26 letters in such a variety of displays. Do these words upon this printed page, that I so thoughtfully arranged, do they mean the same to you as they do to me? Or should it be the other way round?

Only 26 letters have I found, hidden among the numbers. Only 26 letters to be found, but in what wondrous combinations can they be bound. Some they do rhyme and some others they do chime,... (more)


Monket Speak

By gt281, published on Aug 10, 2012

The ability to use language and words is a very useful tool, not only on the whitened page but also in everyday conversation. It shows that you have more brains than a Siberian slug worm. It’s basically what separates us humans from the other simians on the block. I bring this up because in the cubical land where I struggle every day to free myself from a life of living under a bridge and to pay off all my 420 credit cards, there is a person in the very next cubie that has the verbal skills of an eight year old girl at a Britney Spears concert. Goo-goo ga-ga. Everyday I can hear him speaking... (more)



By gt281, published on Aug 8, 2012

Whispering breezes make them fall

Yellow, amber, red and gold

Drifting silently to the ground

Swept from the limbs up high

To the lawn of green

Now the robins nest in her hair

Can be seen

Oh God, not that again, oh geez

Not that piece of G-dam tripe

Oh man, I really, really hate that poem

It really does stinkith, robins nest in her hair, oh boy

What a piece of doggie poo

I’m so mad now, oooh I just can’t stand it

Oooh it makes me sooooo mad

He was a sadomasochist homo you know

Oooh it makes... (more)


Sigmarr and the Shield of Njoordist---Part 5 of 5

By gt281, published on Aug 5, 2012

The glowing flames of the swamp were fading behind them now, the eerie screams of burning spinner-netters was also becoming fainter and fainter as the men hurried through the forest, they still had rough days of riding till the forest edge. The horses and men seemed to have a renewed purpose about them, no longer were they so beaten and tired. Soon sparkling white light could be seen ahead, it showed the way, then they were through the blackness of the Starkdall forest and onto the prairie lands, beneath sunny blue skies, the wind tasted sweet to them as they rode. The men rode through the... (more)


Sigmarr and the Shield of Njordist---Part 4 of 5

By gt281, published on Aug 3, 2012

They found themselves among hand hewn stones that had fallen from perhaps a long ago castle, its stones were black and the trees grew thru them like weeds, only a few walls remained standing and a tower off to the right, perhaps this was the beacon stones that they were looking for. Sigmarr ordered the men to set up camp there for the night, the guards were much more watchful and the torches were doubled. The next morning found the men calm but uneasy, good friends, good soldiers, were lost, not killed in battle, but taken by monsters that lay hidden within this forest, not a soldiers honored... (more)


Sigmarr and the Shield of Njordist---Part 3 of 5

By gt281, published on Jul 31, 2012

The days passed easier now, Sigmarr still kept the pace, but there was an uneasiness to the horses at night, it grew steadily worse the farther north they went, something was in the air. The grasslands were now starting to become brown and not much forage could be found for the horses, looking north the men could see a dark cloud that seemed never to move, it marked the boundary of the Starkdall Forest. 4 more days of riding until they reached the forest edge, not much to be found around this place, the prairie grass was all but gone now, only stipple roots could be seen. Sigmarr, Kergin, and... (more)


Sigmarr and the Shield of Njorddist---Part 2 of 5

By gt281, published on Jul 29, 2012

“Anita, Krista!!” Sigmarr exclaimed, then he tried to rush to their side, but was stopped and held back by the six royal guards. Sigmarr still struggled against them, knocking one to the ground. King Tragihma motioned again, and a large naked headsman wearing only a black hood about his face now came forth, standing with his sharpen axe beside Anita and Krista, he lowered the blade to Krista’s neck very slowly and then raised it to its full height above his head. Ready for the king’s signal.

“No, no, stop,” Sigmarr pleaded. “I will go, I will go,” Sigmarr was now resigned to retrieve... (more)


Sigmarr and the Shield of Njordist---Part 1 of 5

By gt281, published on Jul 26, 2012

The aged King Tragihma sat upon his throne in his great hall, staring out into nothingness, wondering about the fate of his kingdom now that sickness and age were coming upon him faster than before. He wanted it found and delivered back to him, before his voyage across the river of woes.


“How many have returned?” he called to his Captain.

“None sire, none have returned,” answered Captain Tisamar.

Captain Tisamar was King Tragihma’s mightiest general and leader of all the northland army. A trusted friend and advisor to King Tragihma.


“None... (more)


The Wacko NRA

By gt281, published on Jul 22, 2012

I enjoy reading newspaper headlines about kids going into their schools and shooting and killing lots of innocent students, of disgruntled mailmen shooting their co-workers, nutsos going into darkened theaters and blasting away or bank robbers, thieves, killers and nutsos, shooting everybody---NOT.

The initials NRA in case you don’t know stands for, National Rifle Association, their motto is ‘guns don’t kill people, people do’, what great logic, give a wacko nutso a fully loaded carbine and he wouldn’t go out and shoot anybody, no he’ll just put it on his mantelpiece, and show it to... (more)


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