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The Valley---Part 4 of 6

By gt281, published on Nov 18, 2012

The trek westward for Captain Rienoon was slow and painful, every movement hurt’ It wasn’t really walking at all, it was more like drag and hop drag and hop, every twenty minutes or so Captain Rienoon would have to stop to catch his breath, he couldn’t afford to try and sit, so he just leaned against his crutch and tried to regain some of his strength, with only six pain pills remaining he wanted to wait until he absolutely had to have one. Even with his cast made of rock, dragging his left foot caused it to bleed and leave a red stain on the valley floor. Captain Rienoon would occasionally... (more)


The Valley---Part 3 of 6

By gt281, published on Nov 11, 2012

(click)… “DAY 12:…I think this is day twelve, not really sure how long I was out, the sun looks to be at about 10:00, does it matter? I’ve just spent about an hour dragging myself down the slope to my backpack, took some pain pills and examined my ankle, it might just be badly twisted instead of broken. Can’t really tell, at least there are no bones protruding, but it’s about four times the size it should be, had to cut my boot off. My head must of stopped bleeding during the night, I think I’ll just lie here against this boulder awhile, not much point in trying to do anything now. Water and... (more)


The Valley...PArt 2 of 6

By gt281, published on Nov 6, 2012

“This is Ranger 5 do you read? Mayday…going down…”

“We read you Ranger 5, we have you on our scopes, hang in there.”

“Mayday Mayday this is Ranger 5…ejecting cockpit capsule…Mayday…”

Bam, bam, bam, swoosh, the cockpit capsule rockets skyward away from the MK47 fighter, the parachutes deploy within 5 seconds and the capsule floats to the tiny moon’s surface below, it’s still a hard landing on the rocky desert like surface, Captain Rienoon struggles with his harness and slams the ejector button for the cockpit canopy, its compressed gas bolts eject it away from the cockpit.

... (more)


The Valley...Part 1 of 6

By gt281, published on Nov 5, 2012

“This is Ranger 5:…Attack pattern df5…maintain speed…Red 4 you have a Kachalot fighter coming in on your 3…Firing…Watch that mine field at Q345, Q23…I’m going in to…ssshhhss…”

“This is Ranger 5:…We have engaged a large number of Kachalot fighters, they appear to be screening the Kachalot Battle cruiser at Q35t67, we’ll try to draw them off.”

sssshhs, click click…. “Ranger 5:….Starranger has been hit…Maintain attack on Kachalot battle cruiser.”

Ranger 5:…“Over… maintaining attack…firing tyolon missiles.”

“You’ve got a fighter on your tail, bank right 60 up.”

“I... (more)


The Atomic Mash

By gt281, published on Nov 1, 2012

The Prez was workin’ at his ranch late one night

When his eyes beheld an evil sight

For a monster from his cave began to rise

And suddenly not to my surprise

The Prez did the red button mash

He did the atomic smash

The evil jihadie slayin’ mash

It was a mushroom glowin’ smash

He did the mash

It had a center of the sun flash

The Prez did the red button mash

He did the atomic mash

From our dormitory in the white house east

To the pentagon where the guardians feast

The people all watched from their... (more)


They Come This Night

By gt281, published on Oct 31, 2012

Boooo, boooo, boooo

They’re coming, this very night

From six till nine they will give you a fright

I can see them walking through the pale moonlight

Hobgoblins, witches, and devil sprites

Headless demons to give me a fright

Glowing jack-o-lanterns nod about on my lawn

So frightened am I, they will soon be here

I cower in the corner for I am full of fear

They might find me, and rip me from ear to ear

Ding dong, ding dong, they are here, very near

Knock, knock, upon my shelter door

I go now to appease them, I... (more)


Wishing Upon a Star

By gt281, published on Oct 29, 2012

I WISH… I could lose 20lbs, and have it stay away,

I WISH… I had a bigger…you know….savings account,

I WISH… my commercials would stop being interrupted by

stupid TV shows,

I WISH… hotsy totsys liked older men with grey hair,

I WISH… kids would stop running up to me asking for their

Christmas presents,

I WISH… the stores could wait until 2 minutes after Thanksgiving

was over before they set up the Christmas displays,

I WISH… people would answer their e-mail that I sent them,

or at least that I would get an automated message... (more)


My Vacation (when I was only about six or so)

By gt281, published on Oct 25, 2012

We’re starting our vacation in my dad’s brand new car, we’re going to the airport to catch a plane to Miami, and when we get to Miami we’re all going to the beach. But we haven’t gone very far, cause we’re behind another car, and we’re all part of a slow moving caravan. I don’t think dad’s very happy with me or my sis.

“Hey she’s touching me, mom tell her to stop.”

Dads not very happy at all, cause we had to make a potty stop.

“Didn’t I tell you to go, before we left?”

He said, well we did, but we still had to go. So we had to stop at a gas station for just a minute... (more)


In the Land of Yawn

By gt281, published on Oct 6, 2012

Once upon a time in the land of Yawn.

There was the town of Ain’tyougladyournotme. And in this village many creatures was there to be found. There were Whatnoties, Knickknackers, and Glasspanies, and the Boobietubers, Cddvdvcers, Refrigergatedsnackers, and Rockingreclinies, there were the Laminatedcounters, Saucerplaties, Wallbasecabys and Coffeetablers, and Wateredbedders, Toiletsceramicys and Lightglobies too, and so many delightful Toestubblers one hardly knew what to do.

Now also to be found in the town of Ain’tyougladyournotme, were two furry hair shedders, one was a Tobeyoby... (more)


Kids Today

By gt281, published on Oct 2, 2012

“Oooh, I don’t know what’s the matter with kids these days. They have everything. Cell phones, Bluetooth’s in their ears, Wii, Playstation, fancy clothes.”

“Oooh, my yes. They have to have everything. Why when I was a kid we didn’t have anything like that.”

“Oooh, you’re so right. Why we were so poor we had to live in a cardboard box behind a dumpster. We didn’t have all the gadgets kids have today.”

“Oooh, my yes. You had a cardboard box? Why all we had was paper bags to live in. Why, my three sisters and I would have to share 1 paper bag. My, we were so poor we had to... (more)


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