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The Squares

By gt281, published on Dec 14, 2012

Why do I just stand here, when the battle is about to begin?

Why can I not move? Against my King’s enemies I will fight.

I know that I am not as mighty as some of the rest.

But I will fight, I will do my best, and drive straight on.

My seven brothers and I, all formed in a line, we will take this test.

Just give me my orders, and I will march forward, but two or by one.

Send me out, to scout ahead or perhaps to block the path of another.

Send me forth so I may do battle, until the battle is won.

I know that I am not as mighty as some of... (more)


On Safari

By gt281, published on Dec 11, 2012

“You know I don’t think this was such a good idea.”

“Why not?”

“Well, I just don’t think they like us very much, that’s all.”

“You’re nuts, didn’t you give them, the pots and pans?”

“Yeah, I gave it to them.”

“Did you give them the mirrors and beads? That always works.”

“Yeah I gave it to them, they seemed to like our gifts.”

“Well, what’s your problem then?”

“It’s just the way they treated us that’s all.”

“What way?”

“Their taking off all our clothes and tying us up.”

“Yeah, that’s kinda different, I’ve never had... (more)


Not a Clue...

By gt281, published on Dec 10, 2012

The manner of this death was most foul and a mystery indeed, so it was that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were called to solve the riddle of this murder.


The day had been hot and muggy as the guests arrived at Mr. Boddy’s mansion, Hill House Manor was its formal name. All the locals just called it the Heathen House, for there always seemed to be a party going every night and there was going to be a party this night too. They had all been invited there by Mr. Boddy, for dinner and a charade party. Colonel Mustard was the first to arrive, with Miss Scarlet by his side. He arrived... (more)


Time, time, we should give it its due, for we have so little to spare...

By gt281, published on Dec 8, 2012

I have heard these phases on many occasions

Time, it is so precious to us, and yet we let it slip away

I have no time now, I’m running late, just a moment please

Time, time, we should give it its due, for we have so little to spare

It is constantly in motion, we can see it upon the dial

And of the shadows that are cast

Time, time, we love it so, and yet we can not sow it, nor grow it

It is beyond our grasp. Hold it a minute, hold that thought, I’ll be right back

We curse the time we spend in line, and praise it when we are ahead of it

... (more)



By gt281, published on Dec 5, 2012

Procras’ta’dig’itation: waiting for things to magically happen.

Sit on it: a term use by old men at strip clubs asking for a lap dance, (among other things, this page is rated PG so I can’t go into further detail).

Su’icide bom’ber: a person eating a can of beans in a mobile home.

Mo’bile home: misnomer; it’s not mobile and it’s not a home.

French intell’igence: no such thing.

Sounds the same to me: slang term meaning; “get the he** out of here I don’t care.”

Fib’roid: a lying robot.

Grub’stake: a small piece of wood pounded into the... (more)


Out of the West

By gt281, published on Dec 3, 2012

They came out of the East some did say

But Iys knows different cuz I was there that day

They came a thundering out of the Western land

Carlos Cortez and his vicious gang of cutthroat thieves

Coming out the land of Pesos Bill looking for a thrill

There was Catus Joe, Miss Kitty DelRay

And riding beside them all was Two-gun Tony

The most vile and vicious of them all

They came riding hard through a cloud of dust

All liquored up on white lightin’ from a still

They was hankerin’ to make the townsfolk pay

With six guns bastin’... (more)


She's Hot and She's Mine

By gt281, published on Dec 2, 2012

I know she’ll be waiting for me

As she always is

I grab her up and take her to

My special place

Slowly I undo her wrap

It falls away easily as it has many

Times before

I can see her now

A beauty before me

Warm and inviting

Her fragrance is intoxicating

I take hold of her now

And bring her to me

Holding her firmly in my hands

She’s warm to the touch

I can see her clearly now

She’s moist, and ready for me

Should I hurry or savor the moment?

Slowly, slowly

Just a... (more)


The Supply Depot

By gt281, published on Nov 29, 2012

“Halt who goes there?”

“It’s just me Sarge.”

“Who’s me?”

“Me Private Tushmouse, Colonel Mortimer sent me up here to see if you needed any help.”

“What’s the password?”

“I don’t know Sarge, I was just transferred here three days ago, nobody said anything about a password. They just sent me up here.”

“Step into the light so I can see you better.”

“Yes, Sarge.”

“What’s your name again?”

“Private Tushmouse, sir.”

“Yeah, you look alright, sit over there.”

“Thanks Sarge, what are we doing here anyway?”

“Don’t they... (more)


The Painter

By gt281, published on Nov 27, 2012

(Vatican City Rome)

(Guesspi the painter)...youra eminencio Ia hava finishioed paintin the ceilina has youa requesta.

(Cardinal Theadous)...thanka youa Guesspi.

(Guesspi the painter)...herea isa my billismo, youra eminencio.

(Cardinal Theadous), youa useda a lota ofa painta to painta the ceilina.

(Guesspi the painter)...ita wasa largeo ceilina and requireda twoa coatsa youra eminencio, would ya like ta seea it?

(Cardinal Theadous)...Ia willa inspect ita later, Ia havea meetin witha the Popea ina fewa momentoes, I knowa youa wouldta liea toa me...hereas... (more)


The Valley---Part 5 & 6 of 6

By gt281, published on Nov 23, 2012

Captain Rienoon long ago gave up any thoughts of being rescued, then one evening he called for Joe to join him and view the night sky. Captain Rienoon had finally come to the answer he had been questioning himself about for many weeks.

“Joe, thanks for coming. Joe, you know I don’t know what I would have done had I not met you, your company has kept me going through the years, and I must say that I will always think of you as a friend and I have nothing but kind thoughts of you.”

“Yes, I am here, I like to be with you, it has been good. You have shown me a lot and taught be so... (more)


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