Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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Bathroom Remodel...

By gt281, published on Sep 18, 2018

I’d like to take a few moments here to speak to just the guys out there. To talk to them about an idea they have, about doing something extra special for their ‘honeybunny’, while she’s away at her mothers for the week. Your thinking of remodeling that porta-pottie bathroom of yours while she’s away, aren’t you? Thinking of surprising her with a bran spanking gleaming new bathroom aren’t you? Afterall she’s been nagging you for two years to do it, hasn’t she? And now while she’s away you think it would be a great idea to do it. Whoooaaa, hold on there ‘Norm’…before you start, lets examine some... (more)


The Mindar

By gt281, published on Sep 18, 2018

The Mindar are an ancient race

From the beginning of all things

To the end of all, they have been

Travelers through forgotten realms of

Space and time

Their ships forge through the blackness

With gossamer wings and

Spider web sails

They are the destroyers of worlds and planets

Builders of golden ships without number

Living in diamond cites reaching beyond the sky

Dwellers of the ancient forest of Thurop 5

Seekers of all knowledge

Users of all that is forbidden

Sailing among the stars, moons and... (more)


Canada Day

By gt281, published on Sep 18, 2018

Hey according to NPR news, Sunday, July 1st is Canada Day, isn’t that great? I think they call it Canada Day because they want everyone who lives up there to know what country they live in. Maybe the citizens get confused by all the nice weather and think they live in Aruba or something. Which is hard for me to fathom, because even I know that Aruba doesn’t get snow or have icebergs floating down Main Street. I guess up north in the land of the frozen tundra, it’s something to celebrate, of course as an American I’ve never heard of it. So I decided to look it up on Wikipedia, after all learning... (more)


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