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By gt281, published on Dec 6, 2011

Shimmering images of forgotten men

Shields gilded silver gold

Swords sharpened bright to fight

Table rounds’ forgotten knights

Wisps of visions past

Stepping boldly into the city square

Standing neth the steel glass towers there

Searching for the virtuous ones

To rebuild the table round

Can sixteen be found

Gazing through the mirrored glass

Men upon men just walk on past

Meetings to and fro

All about the pound and cent

Money, money that must be lent

Money, money to be spent

Money,... (more)



By gt281, published on Dec 3, 2011

Upon the lot of the buyme buyme

By the shining Big Wallie Wallie

At the doorway before this saley saley

Near the carts of wire woven

Many looney boonies stood and waited

All the air was scented with coffee and donuts

All the neon signs were bright and joyous

From the blow of horn-a-starta the madness

From its open doorus leaped the crazy oneie oneies

Westward through to the products of the floorus

Passed in bolded herds the looney boonies

Passing the tvs, lcds, cds, and the money-changers

Turning, yearning for... (more)


Sigmarr and the Glaynor

By gt281, published on Dec 1, 2011

The Bulls Head tavern was filled with the same men as it was every night, they just sat about their tables drinking the warm ale and retelling tales and whispers by the fire, the same as every night in this village. Then suddenly thru the door bust a strange man, a man with much purpose about him. His yellow hair was braided tightly and fell upon his shoulders and back, he wore a wolf skin coat that was draped across his shoulders to keep him warm thru the winter’s frigid nights. The door stood open, and swirling snow entered the room from behind this man, wisps of vapor snow were shown all... (more)


Canadian Mud Fly

By gt281, published on Nov 29, 2011



This is the second of thirteen reports concerning this year’s scientific study of the Canadian mud fly. All thirteen reports will soon be distributed through-out the scientific community, via this publication and the Sorgern publication network (Canadian scientific research and factuality of Apradraractis). It will be available soon in English, British, French, Portuguese and native Hutooo Eskimo. Any questions you may have concerning obtaining any of these publications, can... (more)


The Final Option

By gt281, published on Nov 26, 2011

The war against the Kachalot has been going on now for eight years, we’re losing ships and outposts quickly now. The Kachalot have seized control of or destroyed all of Earth’s colonized worlds beyond the belt of Orion, it won’t be long now. Their vast armadas have gained the upper hand, their technologies have seemed to grow from nothing and now they stand ready to devour and destroy everything humankind has achieved.

The supply ship Greenling is making its supply run to satellite outpost UR#32 near Uranus, it’s almost halfway between Jupiter and Saturn, it should take about five days... (more)


Pottin' on the Turkey

By gt281, published on Nov 24, 2011

If you want white or dark meat

With lots of mashed potatoes and gravy

Get to Puttin' on the TURKEY

With cans of yams and lots of muffins

Now don’t forget to make the stuffin’

Puttin' on the TURKEY

TURKEY dressed up in tin foil wrappin’

Your tryin’ hard to get a nap in (did the game begin)

Come on let's mix some drinks

With little umbrellas and swizzle sticks

Puttin' on the TURKEY

Have you seen your honey’s new hair do

It goes up and down, it’s a loo loo

Compliment her fabulous new hair, dude


... (more)


A Tale of Woe

By gt281, published on Nov 22, 2011

Now that the season of football maximus is in full swing, I thought I’d tell you a tale of woe, death (almost) and misery that happened not long ago in the arena of the gridus maximus.

It’s a true story (mostly)…Well, OK, it’s 100% true.

For you see, I remember a yon year gone by, when two mighty armies did grabble upon the iron grid. Two mighty armies did toil and battle that day, for a gleaming ring and a championship did lay ahead. They fought upon an iron grid in the Eastern lands, two mighty armies that day, one of blue and white (boo, boo, boo), one of the black and silver... (more)

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The Case of the Missing Wife

By gt281, published on Nov 20, 2011

(Sweetheart just file this case under ‘Three men on a pogo stick’). Sweetheart, is my secretary Gretchen Holly, she’s a swell enough gal, if you like 20 something blondes with 42 inch bulkheads popping out of their dresses, but I really hired her because she makes great coffee, and once a couple of years ago she made me some breakfast, two burnt pieces of toast with runny eggs, the best I’d had in months. I was to learn years later than it takes a lot of skill to burn toast as well as she does. I guess that’s why I hired her, that and the fact that her uncle gave me twenty bucks. I’m always... (more)


The New World

By gt281, published on Nov 18, 2011

Well I was just browsing thru Big Bob’s Borrowed Bent and Boiled Bookatrium just the other day, yes it was Tuesday. As I was looking around through the store searching for the first issue of Playboy magazine, I stumbled, really I tripped over a pile of whatnots, candy wrappers, McD cups and some dwarf skin bound books that were lying on the floor, picking myself up by the collar (you try it, it’s not that easy),

I noticed a beluga skinned book on the bottom shelf and decided to have a look, who knows maybe it had pretty pictures in it. Anyway it turned out to be the log book of the Captain... (more)


I Hate Shopping

By gt281, published on Nov 14, 2011

I hate shopping, I really do, as any self-respecting knuckle dragging male moron should. It takes too long, there’s never a parking spot near the door, unless of course your handicapped and can use one of the 62 reserved parking spots next to the door, and the stores are always crowded with women browsing, not buying, browsing, and the stores have gone way over the cliff with those ‘hotcar’ bulldozer shopping carts every woman straps their crying brats into. Plus there’s no where to get a beer.

It was just the other day, yes it was Tuesday, that I had to go to the nearest store I could... (more)

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