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The Cave of Helcinon

By gt281, published on Feb 18, 2012

For ten thousand years I have been here, waiting.

Always waiting, waiting for someone to come and release me so that I might die. In my mind it is only darkness now, but I remember a time long ago, when dragons filled the air, and faeries gathered in the forest. Perhaps it is only time that clouds my mind, and gives me these dreams. For ten thousand years I have had to endure her twisted lies, her fables and seductive lures. Long ago I pledged my soul to save the ones I loved.

“Why do you not love me? Am I not beautiful? Am I not your every desire? Release me from these chains... (more)


A Week in the Life

By gt281, published on Feb 16, 2012

As a curious reader of this tome, filled with exciting, stupendous literary classics, I’m quite sure that you, as a person of above average intelligence would like to know more about me, the author. So with that in mind, here’s just a small sampling of the non-stop excitement I go though every week.


MONDAY: I usually get up around two or three in the morning because I really, really have to go pee, do to the fact that I drank coffee all Sunday night,(more about that later), I stand there peeing for about five minutes with my eyes closed, hoping the lid is up and my aim is good.... (more)


The Broken Heart

By gt281, published on Feb 12, 2012

Crying in darkness does not ease the pain,

Tears like salty rain,

Love will never come again,

Blackness in the corner alone,

No one to hear me moan…

Two bound as one with rings of gold,

Now no hand to hold,

Endless hours and sleepless nights,

We are no more, gone is the light,

Photos ripped and scattered,

Frames of memories lay shattered …

No more dreams of carefree fun,

No more paths to walk as one,

All has been undone, untied,

I tried, now cast aside,

In shadows alone weeping inside…

... (more)


The Storms

By gt281, published on Feb 9, 2012

The four horsemen have arisen, they wait to be called forth now.

You know them, these riders of the Apocalypse.

They wait for the chosen hour, to bring destruction to all mankind.

They wait within their darkened tombs, among the shattered bones

of the men who fought against them, they are coming soon, you know them.

Plague, sits upon his white horse, waiting, he will be the first.

Famine upon his red horse shall be the second rider to come forth.

War will come next riding the black one.

And finally will come the rider of the pale horse,... (more)


Monsters at Midnight

By gt281, published on Feb 6, 2012

I can hear them now, whispering low, and creeping nearer, I know that they are waiting, for I’ve seen them before. They come upon the night you see, and the midnight hour is almost here. They hide under my bed, and in my closet, shadows on the wall, with images that will surely frighten greater men than me. But mostly I see them within that box set before me, sitting so patiently, I just have to turn it on, and there they will come, sent from everywhere just to frighten me. I have my remote, my chips, and some popcorn too, but mostly I have my covers to hide me from their evil eyes. Oh, how... (more)


Little Known Facts

By gt281, published on Feb 4, 2012

1...A bull elephant can run at 12 miles an hour.

2...African pygmies can run at 10 miles an hour.

3...The African pygmy population is declining.

4...The Spanish Armanda couldn’t invade England because they were going north and all Spaniards are rightists.

5...Women use a frying pan to smash men over the head because men are taller, otherwise they would just use an eyebrow pencil to poke them in the eye.

6...The human body is 96 percent water, the rest is just there to keep the water in, so it doesn’t make a mess on the carpet.

7...Men had more brain... (more)


The Porch Swing

By gt281, published on Feb 2, 2012

It was a slightly warm evening for that time of year, Easter Sunday had just passed. Two men were lazily sitting on a porch swing just enjoying the quiet time before dinner. It was a quiet time all around, a quiet little town, nothing much happened in that town, that’s just the way it was. Peaceful easy living, kinda quiet.

“You know Barn.”

“Yeah, what’s that Andy?”

“I’ve been thinking, I don’t think this one horse town is big enoug…”

“What do you mean Andy? Are you talking about Mrs. O’Hare’s horse over on the west side of town?”

“No Barn, that’s not what... (more)


The Greatest Questions

By gt281, published on Jan 31, 2012

Well it was Saturday night, bath night, I do this religious very Saturday whether I need it or not, and after I’m done getting all soap bubbly clean, then I throw my dirty clothes in the tub and do them.

Hey, I’m green.

Anyway, there I was just laying back soaking with the Mr. Bubble bubbles floating through the air and exploding on the ceiling or trying to made a moon landing on the end of my nose;

BUBBLE: 540 feet, down at 30 [feet per second]...down at 15...400 feet down at 9...forward...350 feet, down at 4...300 feet, down 3 1/2...47 forward...1 1/2 down...13 forward...11... (more)


End of Tomorrows

By gt281, published on Jan 28, 2012

Silken clouds float over the city below, reflected in the windows of the empty skyscrapers. Monumental works of man reaching for the sky, all empty and silent now. The streets below are quiet, nothing moves. The traffic lights continue their endless blinking from green to yellow to red, but there is no car that will ever use them again. No birds in the sky, no animals of any kind. The wind stirs the trash around. A city abandoned like every city on the planet, a few remains of the citizens lie on the sidewalks or in the street, some just sit forever frozen in their cars as if ready to drive... (more)


Obbligato of Life

By gt281, published on Jan 20, 2012

Blaring trumpets and beating drums

Mighty warriors stirred to gallantry

Whispers of violins, flutes, and clarinets

Make fairies seem to dance

In loud triumph or quiet melody

Music makes quiet the beast within

Colored waves of emotion’s power

Cannons roar and swans pirouette

Worlds of magic melodic sounds

Music vibrates the unyielding heart to weep

Harmonies of whirling cosmic spheres

Themes for villains, heroes, beauty and beast

Ragging torrents for battle sounds

Trumpets give the call forward one and... (more)


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