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I hate Congress...

By gt281, published on Jul 29, 2013

Anyone who has recently had a Starbuck’s triple latte’, or dare I say it, anyone who is not in a coma, surely realizes by now that the current Congress is about as effectual as a Rolex that has been flattened by a 20 ton steamroller.

I say Rolex because Rolexes are expensive as are our Congressional representatives. In a recent national survey only 10% of those polled said that they approved of the performance of Congress, the lowest approval rating ever recorded, with 100% of the respondents asking “is Congress in session?”

So with that in mind I offer this declarative…

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#@%*&**&!! SNOW AGAIN!

By gt281, published on Feb 10, 2013

You know for some reason I’m beginning to dislike winter. It’s #@%&**&!! snowing again. I think we here in the land of clinical psychosis boredom zoo have already had more total #@%&**&!! snow than we have had in the last five years. Except for that one day, yes it was a Tuesday when we had 58 #@%&**&!! inches of fairy poo snow. It came down in buckets, cats and dogs, with thunder and lightning (very, very exciting), #@%&**&!! snow covered bovine where falling from the sky, giant icy igloos the size of Oprah Winfrey, and mukluk covered Nanooks bouncing all over... (more)


The Mighty 51...

By gt281, published on Jan 12, 2013

Its blackened stack does leave behind

Black soot and ash for one to find

Upon the rails it does glide

Faster and faster it whizzes by

Past the stations and through the night

It goes clickity clack, clickity clack upon its track

Never does it waver, never does it wander

Never does it look back

Through the mountains, prairies and towns

The Mighty 51, powers and makes the wind bow down

On the rail it follows, to keep its appointed rounds

Clickity clack, clickity clack, it does sound

Pulling a mighty load, it forms... (more)



By gt281, published on Jan 9, 2013

Yesterday is gone, today is today, tomorrow may never come

Today is today, not yesterday, look to today for tomorrow

Yesterday passed this way and is now today, tomorrow is yet to be

Tomorrow will never come for it will be today, not yesterday

Yesterday can not be tomorrow, for it would be today

Yesterday is gone, today is today, tomorrow may never come


“Did you get all that?”

“Yeah I got it all right.”


“Well, what?”

“Did you understand it?”

“Yeah, I understood it---mostly.”

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Time Is Not My Friend...

By gt281, published on Jan 3, 2013

I regret most of the things in my life, the way things turned out. I don’t know why I did those things. Perhaps it was just youth, my wild youth, everyone goes through that stage I think, wild, uncaring, don’t tell me, no barriers for me. I regret my actions, how cruel I was to my mom and sisters. I do. I don’t know the why, all I know is I wish I could take it back, and start again. Try again. Another chance, perhaps, perhaps.

I can see them you know, wandering in and out. Buzzing around me, their voices garbled and blurring into one. Strange, I really don’t feel anything, just hard... (more)


What the ???

By gt281, published on Dec 29, 2012

Hey, what’s going on here? Where’s Hillary Dillary and that damn village of hers, where’s the PTA, the PDF, the HTML, where’s MADD? Haven’t they been watching? Have they forgotten? Aren’t they supposed to be censoring all things upon this earth to protect the youth of our nation and the unborn?

How can they let this go on?

It was just the other day, yes it was Tuesday, X-mas day as a matter of fact, if it’s any of your bees wax. Anyway, I was over at my Aunt Bertha’s house doing the ‘merry-how-are-you-here’s-you-gift-give-me-mine-goodbye’ ritual for this time of year. Aunt Bertha... (more)


The Lady Eva---Part 3 of 3

By gt281, published on Dec 25, 2012

Captain Harrington and Miller made their way down to the jungles edge, while the other men gathered Palm leaves and jungle foliage to cover a small depression they had found in the jungle.

“Miller, I want you to head in that direction and see if you can find anything, I’ll head this way. Be careful of where you are, walk only near the waters edge, remember this island could have Japanese on it, and make sure you cover up any footprints, I’ll meet you back here. Now get going and be careful.”

“Yes sir,” said Miller as he headed off down the beach, keeping to the water’s edge as... (more)


The Lady Eva---Part 2 of 3

By gt281, published on Dec 22, 2012

“I’ve been watching the Captain,” whispered Miller to Peterson.


“I don’t think he’s had any sleep.”

“Of course he has, no one can go without sleep this long.”

“All he does is sit there holding onto that rudder.”

“So what? Leave me alone.”

“Land sir, land,” yelled First Officer Vandel, as he pointed to the Southern horizon.

Captain Harrington stood up in the boat and looked through his binoculars towards the dark shape on the horizon that Mr. Vandel had spotted.

“It’s an island alright.”

“Man the oars, Mr. Vandel take the rudder.”

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The Lady Eva---Part 1 of 3

By gt281, published on Dec 20, 2012

The merchant ship Lady Eva drifted silently over the rolling waves of the Western Pacific, gently tossing up and down as each ocean crest hit its massive hulk. Alone in the vast emptiness of the ocean, it was left behind to find its own way by the American convoy. It was the fate of all ships that couldn’t keep up or were disabled. Better to lose one ship, then to risk many more to the silent Japanese hunters of the deep. The sun was just beginning to set on the Western horizon, and soon the darkness would give it better protection from being spotted by an enemy submarine. Only a couple of... (more)


The Ocean and The Sea

By gt281, published on Dec 17, 2012

THE OCEAN………………….

The ocean crashes against the land and shore

It wishes the land would be no more

Forever biting, tearing, ripping asunder

With waves of tumbling thunder

It does make waste upon the rocky land

Against the dry ground it grinds and grinds

It wishes to be let free of the land that binds

Forever swirling, whirling with all its might

Through skylit days and starry night

Against the land it does fight

Against the waves the land tries to hold firm

Upon its feet the ocean does lash and turn

With... (more)


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