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Common Nonsense

By Glenn T, published on Jan 4, 2010

The populist rebellion is in full swing these days. The gap between the educated and non-educated factions of Americans appears to broaden daily as partisan politicians, retail marketers and thought leaders try to capitalize on our socioeconomic prejudices for their own benefit. The poor blame the rich for the economic collapse, the rich blame for the poor for ever-increasing tax obligations. The poor popularize the scandals and salacious habits of celebrities in order to point out how undeserving the rich are (e.g. TMZ, gossip magazines and E! TV), while the rich point to isolated, fame-seeking... (more)


The Yule Tidal Wave

By Glenn T, published on Dec 23, 2009

Despite the fact that this is my fourth December in Los Angeles, this year was my first doing any appreciable Christmas shopping here. I’m usually headed back home to Colorado - and not wanting to check baggage full of presents, I do my last-minute shopping there, where it’s never much of a problem. But this year, I’m sticking around, enjoying the weather and avoiding the hassle of travel. To my horror, however, I realized far too late that last-minute holiday shopping in L.A. was going to be different, to save losing what little faith I had left in my fellow man and to rip what little Christmas... (more)

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The Write Stuff

By Glenn T, published on Oct 27, 2009

Today I found out that I didn’t win a short fiction contest that I entered this summer. In fairness, I didn’t really expect to win, nor did I have much of a chance. I’m not a fiction writer, and it was a national contest run by a magazine that features some of the best authors and writers of our time. But motivated by my girlfriend (an actual fiction author who entered and also didn’t win) and a fair number of cliches that are designed to keep me from allowing the statistical impossibility of things from paralyzing me into inactivity (e.g. “he who will not risk cannot win”, “you miss 100% of... (more)

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Driving Down Crime

By Glenn T, published on Oct 21, 2009

Racial profiling is a volatile and hot-button issue, which pits our ever-increasing desire for personal safety in an era of terror and violence against the desperate defense of our civil rights as their systemic erosion seems more and more inevitable. We all like to think we know what criminals look like, but then realize that not everyone that looks like our stereotypical criminal is one nor does every criminal fit such a description. Bernie Madoff looks about has harmless as your accountant, yet perpetrated the world’s greatest fraud; while Chad Ochocinco (of Cincinnati Bengals fame) looks... (more)

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Battle Of The Bulge

By Glenn T, published on Oct 13, 2009

We are a nation of self-love in the era of self-love. Entire industries have been built to short circuit the healthy social imperatives of shame and guilt, and entire generations have been convinced beyond any doubt they are each and all special. We no longer believe that we are simply deserving of the love of someone, we have now been led by teachers, parents and cultural leaders to feel as though we are entitled to the adoration of everyone around us - solely as a function of our own existence. One of the most troubling corollaries to this new axiomatic selfishness is the widespread preaching... (more)

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Personal Space - The Final Frontier

By Glenn T, published on Oct 5, 2009

In most matters, I'm not an ethnocentrist. I'm all for the melting pot that is the United States. The broad array of cultures that have been brought to our shores have contributed immeasurably to the success of America. The notion of requiring people to speak English only is laughably absurd to me, and decrying culturally-specific holidays, including foreign days of independence (e.g. Cinco de Mayo), as a loss of the American identity is just plain stupid. But there is one point of purely white-bread American custom on which I must insist. There is one decidedly red, white and blue... (more)

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The Road To Happiness

By Glenn T, published on Sep 23, 2009

There is a great deal of time and effort spent on the discussion of “finding happiness” – as though it were something you lost in your apartment or a small town in eastern Idaho that isn’t on any map. In these existential treatments, happiness is a creature of myth and legend, inexplicable in form and indescribable in function. In addition to the meandering and secret path that is alleged to lead you there – provided you’re willing to follow the advice of life coaches, talk show psychics and religious zealots – no one can really tell you what it’s going be like, only that you’ll know it when... (more)

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I Am Not Spartacus (and Neither Are You)!

By Glenn T, published on Sep 15, 2009

I realize the risk I’m running by writing this. It’s one thing to wax poetic on the fashion tragedies of other men that I see running around and still try to maintain some air of masculinity – but it’s another to speak out women’s fashion. But after spending years as a male cheerleader and even longer as a dancer, I’ve given up on expecting my sexual preference to be obvious from the things I do. It wasn’t that long ago that I finally realized why women spend so much time, money and effort on shoes. I remember the maddening mystery of it as an... (more)

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Let's Hear It For The Boy

By Glenn T, published on Sep 8, 2009

The large scale campaign conducted by the women of world to convince men that they are the only gender subject to the visceral weakness of our base desires has been wildly successful. In fact, if not for the periodic reminder that I get from a particular kind of young lady (including one particularly poignant example recently), I would have bought it lock, stock and barrel myself. Strip clubs, adult book stores and porn websites all cater almost exclusively to the Y-chromosome set, and the few all-male revues that do appear, at least to the exclusion of the gay male crowd, to be directed at... (more)

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Anything You Can Douche, I Can Douche Better

By Glenn T, published on Aug 31, 2009

There is something truly incredible about the men of Los Angeles; something that defies all logic or understanding. Because just when I think that I've seen the art of douchebaggery reach its highest, or rather, lowest point, and without even seeking it out, I come across someone (or two) ever so much worse. It's as though L.A. has become the epicenter for dressing yourself like an asshat and then acting as though you're walking around in classic Armani suit. I'm not certain whether to laugh or to cry. But, ever since I read in my April Esquire magazine about "end of the douchbag era" (courtesy... (more)

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