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Port Angeles High School - Student TV Station

By George Weber, published on Nov 23, 2012

The Port Angeles High School is just $16,000 away from making a student-friendly TV station. Lisa Hitt, the instructor of vocational technical school and broadcast, said that the district has all the technology resources it needs to let the CCTV go on air. She said the TV station would broadcast school games, and student-documented TV shows and programming. The only thing that separates the school from programming the DVR is the $16,000. Hitt said that the school is undertaking fund raising programs to get the cost as soon as possible. Sponsors who lend their support for the project can broadcast... (more)

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Buggy iOS 6 Maps led to widespread complaints

By George Weber, published on Sep 27, 2012

The very rarely used words to describe products of Apple like embarrassing, erroneous, illogical, incomplete, annoying, irking, disgusting, and appalling are now being commonly used with the Apple Maps. The New York Times has declared Apple Maps as an appalling first release in Apple’s history that's also the least usable piece of Apple's software. Earlier this month, Apple launched its own mapping device that created high anticipation among Apple fans. But just within a few days, the negative responses started flowing thick and fast.

Apple Maps, based on mish-mash data, lacks important... (more)

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