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"An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove"

By Geddy, published on Mar 5, 2008

As I start this article the evening sky is becoming a battlefield. Swollen and sullen, the storm clouds jostle for position, occasionally tossing a few salvos. In the premature twilight, window rattling thunderclaps remind me just who is in charge. Mother Nature. All of this seems apropos here in Houston on the eve of the Democratic primaries in Texas. Much like Clinton and Obama, we are hoping for clearing skies come Wednesday.

I have never been much involved in Presidential elections, voting only one time in my fifty-three years. This one has captured my attention, though, as it... (more)

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By Geddy, published on Feb 23, 2008

In July of 2007 I submitted, and had published here, an article called "Losing it." It was fairly well read and received some nice comments by readers who obviously are caring people. I referred to a friend named Dominic living with what has since been diagnosed as severe depression along with ADHD and bi-polar disease. A real triple threat. Dominic is one of my middle names. The piece was autobiographical.

I come forward with this information now not for sympathy but to try and spread understanding of what it is like to live this way in the hopes that fewer of us will be regarded as... (more)

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A Master of His Craft

By Geddy, published on Aug 17, 2007

Watching Neil Peart (pronounced peert, not pert) play the drums is an incredible experience. Even if you have no interest in drumming, rock music, or guys named Neil you should watch this gentle man perform (youtube has several videos available). It's the same as with the Mona Lisa or the statue of David. Works of great craftsmen should be visited if only to inspire us to do better. Neil keeps time for a band called Rush. I say keeps time but that is only part of his genius. Intricate rythms combined with powerfully fast hands bring something more to the music than just a beat. While other's... (more)

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An Update: Our Justice System at Work

By Geddy, published on Aug 9, 2007

Welcome to part 1 of my 1 part series of updates to "Our Justice System at Work". When last I left you I was awaiting word on the appeal of my trumped up citation. Oops, I mean my trumped up ALLEDGED citation. To my shock and amazement the appeal was denied. Fear not; I do not give up easily! I was fortunate enough to form an alliance with a reporter for the Houston Chronicle who covers the City Hall beat. I have promised to keep his name out of this for the time being as he has to work with the Mayor, and others there, on a regular basis. He has let me know that there is a kind of "Top Ten"... (more)

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Come on Lindsey, You Can do Better Than That!

By Geddy, published on Aug 8, 2007

Gee...a person caught with drugs saying, "They're not mine, I was holding them for a friend." What a novel idea. Better yet why not say, "I'm sending my pocket to rehab immediately!" or, "The drugs are in a Federal drug relocation program and I was hiding them, but now you've blown their cover!" or, "I'm in training to be a drug sniffing person at the airport since there is a shortage of dogs. Those are training supplies. Honest!" One more..."I had a nosebleed and I was using them to try and stop the flow." Okay, there's more... "I don't do drugs, they interfere with the effects of alcohol!"... (more)


Food for Thought

By Geddy, published on Aug 6, 2007

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...unless you're trapped inside then it may be a good idea. People who live in regular houses probably shouldn't throw stones as well. Let's just say you shouldn't throw stones. Throwing a glass in a stone house isn't a good idea either. A bird in the hand will soon poop on you. The two in the bush recently pooped on your car. If someone tells you something that is "Straight from the horses mouth" you should ignore him...horses don't talk. Some "little birdies" do talk but I have yet to hear from one with an original idea. If the whole... (more)


Losing it

By Geddy, published on Jul 22, 2007

I always knew that he was a little bit different, but Dominic introduced me to a wider reality. Things that affected most people went unnoticed by him, yet trivial things often mattered more than they should. He could find joy in the oddest of places and when seen through his eyes I could too. As he approached middle age though, the unbridled happiness of youth often turned to sullen anger. He could see the injustices in the world but could not understand why people treated others so poorly. His acquaintances could not understand why he laughed at things that they didn't and this upset him.... (more)

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A Tail Of Two Puppies

By Geddy, published on Jul 5, 2007

Imagine living across the street from Puppy land. Everyday, thousands of cute and cuddly puppies would be seen roaming their land looking for things to play with, human companionship, and love among their own. From across this street you observe how desirable these puppies are. Some days puppies even cross that street, play in your front yard and make you their friend. Life is good as you realize that they ask for little in return for the constant joy they bring to your life. Before long it becomes apparent that these puppies have the ability and desire to do things that people in your own... (more)


Things That I Just Don't Understand

By Geddy, published on Jul 2, 2007

I have been alive for more than a half of a century. Not terribly old by some standards, but ancient by others, including my daughter’s. I claim no intelligence above the median, and concede none below that benchmark. I am just a human being like six billion others on this planet. I have spent that lifetime, though, observing my fellow man in ways many others seem not to. I question motives, intents, and actions of almost everyone because they are, at the same time, both perplexing and interesting. Questioning doesn’t equate to belief that people’s action are more or less than what they... (more)

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Our Justice System at Work-or how to make $162,000 with lies

By Geddy, published on Jun 29, 2007

Sadly, this is a true story. It is also fairly long but please read it to the end. An overcast day in mid-June of 2006 found me driving home from work along Chartres street behind the Geo. R. Brown convention center. The artery is a: 5 lane wide(wider than most freeways in Houston), one way road with few lights and no curves. Like many motorists that day, my journey was interrupted by a Houston police officer running into the middle of the road and flagging me over. It was then I noticed another officer standing on the roadside pointing a radar at the traffic. Two others (at least, may have... (more)

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