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Whether deposits can be opened in the name of any minor?

By gausan, published on Apr 5, 2016

01.Whether deposits can be opened in the name of any minor?

·Yes, deposits can be opened in the names of minors.

·The account should be opened in the name of the minor duly represented by his father or mother and they are called as natural guardians.

·When the minor is aged more than ten years’ old and is a literate he can open an account and operate the account himself without depending upon his natural guardians.

·In the case of accounts operated by minor himself, nowadays banks provide pass books, and debit cards (ATM cards).

02.Whether a minor is eligible... (more)

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What are the types of functions performed by banks in India?

By gausan, published on Apr 5, 2016

01.What are the functions of any bank?

·The basic function of any bank is to accept deposits from the public for the purpose of lending loans to the public and invest in securities.

·Acceptance of deposits and lending loans are called as the primary functions of any bank

·The secondary functions are – selling gold coins, insurance products and mutual fund products. Apart from the above the banks open demat accounts and undertake remittance services namely; issue of demand drafts, online remittance facilities like RTGS and NEFT etc.,

·The banks also provide safe... (more)

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Tips for Interview for recruitment as clerks and officers

By gausan, published on Apr 5, 2016

Phases of the interview:

The interview is conducted in four phases namely;

·the first phase during the course of which questions are asked about the person and his specialization in any area;

·the second phase wherein questions are asked about the bank for which the interview is conducted;

·the third phase wherein questions on general banking, economy, finance and latest developments are asked and

·the fourth phase is the final round for the interview.

The interview committee:

The interview committee consists of three to five imminent personalities... (more)

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