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The Warned: A Musical Omelette

By Gary Schwind, published on Mar 24, 2008

The Warned is a five-piece rock band from Orange County. At a recording studio in Orange, Justin and Jesse Warn, Robbie Coleman, and Steve Sievers discussed their musical influences and the upcoming album.

What kind of bands were you in before The Warned formed?(Steve) I was in a hardcore band in high school. Out of high school I was in an alternative rock, more mainstream thing. Justin our singer was the drummer in that band. That’s pretty much it for me.(Jesse) I started out playing blues. I did a couple of those when I was a little kid. Then thrash punk and the underground... (more)

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Clutch Live At The Music Box 3/13/08

By Gary Schwind, published on Mar 15, 2008

Clutch might be the hardest-working band in the business. The band is constantly on the road (both stateside and overseas), and has one of the best live shows around. What makes a Clutch show so great?

First, the band follows the advice of Albert Collins when he said, "Get to gettin'."

"Hey hey now! What's that smell? Just like cornbread done too well. What you need, you know I got. So hands up, WHO WANTS TO ROCK?" Thus began the set at The Music Box. Even if you know it's coming, it's great because it gets the crowd involved immediately. The band sure did rock. Which brings... (more)

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Loose Logic: Commercial Hip-hop Is Missing Originality

By Gary Schwind, published on Mar 10, 2008

Loose Logic is a hip-hop artist in the Long Beach area. At Hennessey's in Dana Point, he spoke about getting started in hip-hop as a teenager, his early songs and performances, as well as what he thinks is missing from the hip-hop that gets a lot of airplay.

I’m sure you get this a lot, but what’s the story behind the name Loose Logic?It’s not too much of a crazy story. Before I started making music I was playing basketball in high school and we were on our way to a game. I liked hip-hop. I listened to it. Me and my friends, on the way to a game, we were talking... (more)

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Neverwonder: The Beach Meets The Cornfield

By Gary Schwind, published on Mar 3, 2008

For two consecutive years, Neverwonder has been named one of the top 100 unsigned bands in Los Angeles. Recently, the band added Megan Bobo as its vocalist. Megan nearly made the Top 24 on season five of American Idol. At O'Connell's in Long Beach, Megan, Vincent Ramos (bass) and Andres Ramos (drums) discussed the band's name, sound and what honors mean the most to them.

This is for you, Megan. What was the most important lesson you learned from being on American Idol?(MB) Just to be myself. Looking back at it now, it was such a good experience. There’s obviously things I... (more)

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Bunny Bravo: Burlesque Is Not Stripping

By Gary Schwind, published on Feb 26, 2008

Bunny Bravo is a burlesque dancer and producer of the Shimmy and Shake burlesque shows in southern California. She has been selected to perform at the burlesque contest at Viva Las Vegas in April. At her home, she discussed her burlesque beginnings and the differences between burlesque and stripping.

What drew you to burlesque?Lucha VaVoom, we started going to those shows. Kitten Deville was in a lot of the shows that we went to at first. Then she quit doing them and when we went back we noticed we didn’t enjoy the shows as much. It was really her that was pulling us there. She is the... (more)

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He Likes The Night Life Since The Day That He Died

By Gary Schwind, published on Feb 19, 2008

Count Smokula is a 496-year-old undead Smokesylvanian musician and member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. He has appeared in a promo for America's Got Talent and also appeared on Who Wants to Be a Superhero. He has been featured on The Tom Green webcast and pictured in the USA Today. He regularly hosts burlesque events and he can write songs about people he just met. I asked him about all of these things and he responded in his thick Smokesylvanian accent.

What is Smokulism?

Smokulism is the voild vide faith as revealed unto The Count on the sleepless night of August 18, 1997,... (more)

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Drive-by Truckers At House Of Blues Anaheim

By Gary Schwind, published on Feb 14, 2008

Drive-By Truckers, joined by Spooner Oldham on Wurlitzer, took the stage at the House of Blues to some pretty healthy applause. They passed around a bottle of Jack Daniel's and then got down to business, launching the three-axe attack with "Lookout Mountain."

This is not a band that has a lot of wild antics onstage. They merely "get to gettin'" to quote the great Albert Collins. Patterson Hood (showing no ill effects of the laryngitis he said he woke up with) and Mike Cooley shared the vocals throughout the set. Shonna Tucker sang two of her songs: "I'm Sorry Huston" and "Home Field... (more)

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Where Have You Gone, Ross Perot?

By Gary Schwind, published on Feb 10, 2008

Dear Third Party Presidential Candidates,

You don't know me. That's OK, I don't know you either. You see, until I did some research before the California primary election, I didn't even know any non-Republican or non-Democratic candidates were in the race.

It's really a shame, too, because I don't find any candidates in the Big Two parties very inspiring, and I know I'm not alone. A lot of us aren't just undecided, we're unsatisfied with having to choose between two parties with whom we don't agree. I want to vote. Really I do. But I would like to vote my conscience instead of... (more)

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When The Music Ends, What Will I Be?

By Gary Schwind, published on Feb 3, 2008

CONJOB is a six-piece band that fuses rock, hip-hop, and reggae. Last year, the band won $10,000 at the 6th Annual Run, Walk, and Roll. At the Yard House in Irvine, lead singer Zhanine discussed the history and influences of the band.

On your website you mention how Warbux came into the band. Take me back to that night on South Padre Island when the segment came on.Did you see the segment?I didn’t see the segment. I read about it though. What was the general reaction? When I slipped? We had this guy come along and he wanted to videotape our tour. It was our first tour. We were... (more)

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I Wasn't Following What's In My Heart

By Gary Schwind, published on Jan 24, 2008

Jen Wilkinson is a comedian living in orange County. She has been performing stand-up comedy for more than a year since leaving her sales job at a major corporation. At Ocean Avenue Brewery in Laguna Beach, she spoke openly in a sort of stream of consciousness about making that enormous leap.

You quit corporate America for stand-up comedy. What made you decide to take that jump?I was burned out. I was successful, but I felt like I was married to my work. I wasn’t having a life. I was traveling sometimes two weeks a month. That was at GE. I just felt like I was sacrificing my soul for... (more)

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