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How to Build a Dog Run

By FuntSamuelMastery, published on Feb 17, 2017

Since a dog run is still a ‘cage’, a lot of dog owners are opposing this concept. Well, basically, it is a cage—only bigger and more spacious. But while locking up your pet pal in a dog run may seem cruel at first glance, it is not meant to be the permanent home for your dog. Plus, you can build a bigger dog run so your dog can maximize the space, but that requires you knowing how to build a dog run in the first place. You can also add toys and amenities that can promote movement.

Why Build a Dog Run: Learning the Basics

Dog runs sold in the market vary in size, built and price. However,... (more)

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Home Remedies for Sunburn: Don’t Let the Sun Diss You

By FuntSamuelMastery, published on Aug 8, 2016

Who doesn’t love a good sun basking on an exotic tropical island or even on the roof of their building? We know we do, but if you’re not careful and spend too much hours dawdling in the sun without applying any sun lotion, you can get sunburns. Everyone who’s gotten them at least once knows how unpleasant they are without proper management.

That’s why we’ve done our research and aim to offer you some first steps when it comes to home remedies for sunburn. But you can’t apply a remedy unless you’re conscious of the dangers posed by sunburns, so we thought we’d start you off with that.

... (more)

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By FuntSamuelMastery, published on Jul 15, 2016

Now, I regard myself as an individual of average intelligence, with the ability to understand some pretty basic concepts; and can follow logical processes of, cause and effect, for the most part. So when asked the question, how to stay hydrated, my immediate response was; well that’s easy, just ensure that you match the amount of liquid leaving your body with the amount that goes in, simple.

It would appear that I have been unable to put into practice this basic, logical concept, and that perhaps I needed a slightly more technical understanding of how to stay hydrated. And equally important,... (more)

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Urban Survival Skills: A Guide for First Timers

By FuntSamuelMastery, published on Apr 29, 2016

An urban neighborhood, a city if you may, is a great place to live in. You have almost everything within reach but the experience can be daunting to someone who's going to live in the city for the first time.

Much like surviving in the wilderness, there is a set of urban survival skills that one needs to master in order to survive the city.

Going Around

The first thing you would want to do, if going to an urban environment, is to find out how to get around from point A and point B; and if you’re not fortunate enough to have a car (or don’t believe in owning one) then public... (more)

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