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Number 1 Seed Nhemerson Ready For Next Round!

By FreexRus, published on Mar 26, 2008

I had the chance recently to sit down with the legendary Portland columnist, Nhemerson before his second round bout of the first annual Broowaha writer Deathmatch. I was reminded by his support staff (a yellow sticky note on his door) that this was a great honor and I should treat this interview like the gracious gift that it was. It went on to list the rules of interviewing such a dangerous man; No direct eye contact at any time, no mentioning of signs of aging like slight belly paunch or receding hairline, and that any mention of Dandy Warhols lead singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor... (more)

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Tin Shack Thai That Can't Be Beat.

By FreexRus, published on Mar 12, 2008

For most of my life, I have been what tolerant people call “picky” and what normal people call “insufferable” when it came to food. My tastes were simple, even classic, American fare. I would gladly eat hamburgers, pizza, and macaroni and cheese. I was sure that these were fine pillars of any healthy diet, and refused to eat anything else except for variations on the same. You couldn’t pay enough in solid gold for me to eat a vegetable, and the prospect of eating something green that wasn’t Jell-O led to more than one physical confrontations.... (more)


The Subtle Art Of.....MMA?!?

By FreexRus, published on Mar 7, 2008

Next weekend the world will be introduced to a magnificent, ancient, deeply spiritual martial art in the Hollywood film, “Never Back Down.” This movie depicts the grace and beauty of a young man destined to prove his worth and show his determination by studying the magnificent history of MMA. Wait, this movie’s about MMA? Since when did MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) have such a deep philosophical background? Answer; It doesn’t.

MMA is a touchy subject here in Portland, where the fighting “art” has taken deep roots and has garnered the city a... (more)

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The Death Of The Video Store

By FreexRus, published on Mar 6, 2008

The year 2000. Fresh out of high school with only the marginal Texas education provided and my after school job at a 5&10 store left me woefully under qualified for most employment positions. A few years of job hopping here in Portland, OR led me to the greatest opportunity I had ever, and probably will ever have. American Family Video, a Mom and Pop rental store on the corner of SE 20th and Burnside welcomed me to the most misunderstood and marginalized members of our society.

We were the video store clerks.

The job was simple. Come to work; put movie returns... (more)

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