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Did A Comic Book Predict The Omaba Presidency

By freestrike, published on Jan 15, 2009

John Byrne is one of the most popular comic book artists of the past thirty years. He’s responsible for the death and rebirth and the other death and rebirth of Jean Grey, created Alpha Flight (which included comic book’s first gay super hero Northstar) and revamped Superman for DC in the mid 80’s.

He has written some of the most entertaining and controversial stories in comic book history. What is not widely known about him is how his art is often imitated by real life. This phenomenon is known as the "Byrne Curse."

The biggest occurrence of this curse happened... (more)

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Gas Should Cost $10 A Gallon.

By freestrike, published on Jun 4, 2008

It's amazing that even with the high cost of gas you still see rich people cruising down the highway in their Hummer's and Ferrari's doing over 70 mph. They do so with little regard to all the gas they're burning up because they can afford it. Of Course, when you make a quarter of a million dollars a year or more, $4 a gallon is nothing to you. That's why I say the government should raise the tax on gas so it costs at least $10 a gallon. Then they should use that extra tax money and give it back to lower income families and individuals, similar to the stimulus rebate checks that have gone out... (more)


Survivor: Fans Vs. Ozzy And A Bunch Of Idiots

By freestrike, published on Feb 11, 2008

I was so excited when I heard that the new survivor was going to bring back previous contestants and pit them against super fans of the show. I figured that the producers would have surely learned from their casting mistakes of the first All Stars. They're calling the new survivor Fans Vs Favorites but instead it should be called Fans Vs Ozzy and a bunch of Idiots.

There is no Judd, or Candice, or Michelle or Pei-gi. Instead, like All Stars we have to put up with some of the most annoying players in the history of the game. Of course they had to bring back Ozzy but the rest of the... (more)

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NBC pitts cougars against kittens in new realty show

By freestrike, published on Jul 19, 2007

Just about every year NBC comes up with a new twist to the dating realty show genre. This year it's Age Of Love where Australian tennis star Mark Philippoussis must choose between women of two distinct groups. In the first episode he is introduced to seven girls in their 40's which comes as quite a shock to Philippousis who is only 30 and has never dated a woman older than him. After eliminating the first woman Mark is surprised again when six gorgeous women in their 20's are thrown in to the mix. For the next three episodes Mark must eliminate one girl from each group. This week he... (more)


The Courts Working Hard to Keep Crime High

By freestrike, published on Jun 24, 2007

Thank god we have the police to protect us here in Houston. If you call sitting on the side of the road with your thumb up your butt protecting us. Like Officer Jung Kim of HPD. Back in March of 2006 he caught me changing lanes without signaling and speeding. As you may know you get fined more depending on how fast you're going. Officer Kim just happened to make my ticket for 1 mile above a new level of fine. He was obviously behind on his quota for the day and trying to squeeze every nickel he could out of me. Now I was speeding but I was not going as fast as he said I was. So I requested... (more)

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